Cataclysm: Holy Power Interface

Nothing changed from what I can find with the CataBuild 12759; however, they did release the interface for how a paladin’s holy power is monitored. I was honestly expecting a combo point bubble but alas, we get something aesthetically cool!

From MMO-Champion

Remember that as a healadin, our major source of holy power generation (from what I can tell not being in beta) is from the Tier 6 talent Tower of Radiance and healing our beaconed target. We also have a new spell in Cataclysm, Word of Glory, that will heal the target and consume the holy power and is free of mana. I have covered the basics of Holy Power and sneak peeks that were revealed on its uses for all classes already, so I won’t go much further with that. I am just loving the runic bar!

Disclaimer: I am aware that I may not be the best detective when it comes to blue posts and beta builds, so if you have sources of new information I would love to know!


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2 responses to “Cataclysm: Holy Power Interface

  1. Don’t forget, Light of Dawn will now also consume generated Holy Power for a more powerful AoE heal. Yummy!

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