Tuesday with Tarinae 8/10

And so it is time for school to start here. That means a couple of things for ME: The WoW Player and ME: The Grown-Up. While I am glad to see the daytime trade chat leave its stupidity behind, tomorrow is the last day of my vacation and its back to work I go. It isn’t a strenuous job by any means, just a job nonetheless.

A Vacation

Wow, I got a LOT done during the last week. While I didn’t get all my laundry finished, I found out people with long hair have to pay out the wazoo for perms. I decided to buy something else for myself since I didn’t have remotely enough money for said perm. I took a much needed day to myself and watched Remember Me, yes, the Robert Pattinson movie. And I did a crap ton of raiding. 3 weeklies. My hunter ventured into ICC25 for the first time doing 4/12 as BM! Tar did VOA 10/25, ICC10 – and somehow I got dumped being the raid leader and I was not a fan, and attempted RS. Now I have mentioned before that RS seems to be unpopular, I haven’t even heard people talk about it since it came out. We had a pug, with 2 people having attempts at the Lich King, and wiped twice on the girl mini boss. We downed her right before we called it. Stupid RS. But all the same, it was a good week…I BLOGGED!

Speaking of Blogging

I have said it over and over that I play Dungeons and Dragons. Yes, I am that geek. What makes it even better is that I have a blog where I recount in journal form thoughts for my character. I have been talking about it all on Twitter so I thought I would send a link that way to anyone who is interested in RP. Visit A Character’s Tale! Whee!

For the Protadins

I am a Paladin blogger, more specific I am a Holy Paladin blogger. I may be interested in Ret but I have no interest whatsoever in ever talking about or even pretending to know about Prot paladins. With that said, I think that it is only fair to share a great resource with all of you who is a great protection blogger.

Rhidach talks in depth about Cooldowns & Forbearance for Prot CD’s. He also does the Paladin Build in 12644 strictly from the tanking tree.

Also, for tanks in general, Enlynn has a great tip recently where I share her sympathies. A small story first. I was DPSing VOA10. That means I am melee and I am standing behind the fire guy. The Main Tank is doing a great job, doing what he is supposed to do. But guess where the OT is? He is beside me, TAUNTING THE BOSS! Back and forth the boss turns until guess who dies…ME! Guess how. METEOR FISTS! Because the OT wouldn’t listen and wouldn’t stop taunting a non-taunt fight. Now, for her lovely suggestion!

If it’s not a tank swap, don’t take the boss. If it IS a tank swap, no need to taunt before the swap time. There’s a reason we agree on encounter specifics like “X stacks” or “X boss cooldown” to swap, and not “I’m bored and I want to see the boss swinging at me instead”. And if we ask you to DPS, the correct response is “ok, let me switch” and not “ok but I’m going to stay in tank spec and gear in case something goes wrong”.


I hit an amazing milestone recently, 11,000 honorable kills. That’s awesome to me! With that said there is a thank you in order. I was a super noob when it came to Wintergrasp. I just kind of tagged along keeping people alive but it was more of the lost puppy syndrome than anything else. I owe my skillz to Cynwise for writing up the intro to WG ages ago. I think it is a great resource for anyone who wants in one the zone-wide battles. Being an avid scoreboard lurker, I also took a great liking to Cyn’s recent Battleground Scoreboard article. It really does explain a lot of things and offers a great suggestion to better the system!


Without much more to say, I’m going to go enjoy my day of nothingness and wish you the best!


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  1. I’m glad you liked both articles — I always intended to go back and write more “Intro to ….” articles, but I keep finding other things to write about instead!

    Enjoy your day of nothingness!

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