BoA Bad Behavior

Okay, there are a couple things I could work on, but something else that has been in the fore front of my mind lately as I play on baby toons. That thing is the concept of BOAs and just how much they get on my nerves. The concept behind BOAs it seems is to reward those that have made it to end game and want to level again, all we ever hear about is how much leveling sucks. I mean, when I started playing, mounts started at Level 40. But I’m not talking about that…I am talking about the new generation of WOW players. The new environment created, not only by, but in major part by BOAs.

It is important to address that the LFD tool has sped up the wow playing process. I don’t mean this in the obvious way that it helps leveling or finding groups, rather that it has encouraged even low level instances to be spam ran in under 5 minutes. This is bad enough in heroic instances where most people outgear the content, but when you couple that with healers with mana inefficient spells and tanks that are “brann-spanking” new, it isn’t a good combination.

With that said, let me address what a new player sees when running with other BOA geared people.

The biggest part is there is no SOCIAL aspect to these groups. This idea has been covered and beaten like a dead horse since LFD was introduced, but this isn’t how the game should be introduced to new players. As when I started playing, it should be a warm, welcoming, converstaional place. Not “GOGOGO!”s and “PULL MOAR PL0X!”. It fosters the same sort of behavior and environment that most of us complain about in heroics. It just plain sucks.

But what about the fact that BOAs foster a since of carelessness? What do I mean by that? Simply that some people just want the BOAs for the XP boost and don’t particularly care about what they are using. Did I say most or all? No, so don’t jump to conclusions but this fact is true. There are some people that have EVERY BOA just so they are fully prepared to play anything, but there are some that don’t.

Let’s talk about the hunter for example. If you saw a random hunter in all greens or blues, stripped of any BOAs, but they were using stuff with STRENGTH on it…you would call them a huntard for using such things! You would correct them and explain that does nothing for them, they don’t whack things. But what about the hunter using Bloodied Arcanite Reaper?  Oh, it supplies crit but it is worthless for a hunter…and doesn’t even provide an XP boost. What is the point of using it on a hunter then?

I can thing bring up the point of a new rogue I ran into. He rolled on an Intellect ring, but it could easily be explained to him the types of things he needs for stats not intellect and spell power. He understands and it makes sense. I am looking for someone to explain the sense to me in a rogue wearing the Tattered Dreadmist Robes. Knowing that BOAs mean that person has an 80, what if that new rogue saw the cloth caster wearing Rogue and modeled after that? Its bad and fosters an unknown lack of knowledge for new players.

And my last and final vanity point to all of this is that every single player looks the same. I am SO sick of looking at BOAs it makes me want to vomit. I miss seeing my clothie’s pants!

All the same, the only point I am really trying to make is to use the BOAs that are appropriate for your new class. If you don’t know the stats for that class, it is a great time to look them up and study the class. I am always willing to help a new paladin make the choices for BOA gear.

Optimal healadin choices!

Disclaimer: The term “you” is being used as a generalization and this is not directed at any on post or person.


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4 responses to “BoA Bad Behavior

  1. Incorrect BoA use bugs me too. The one exception I’m generally willing to make is the shoulders, because decent shoulders are so hard to find early on and not everyone can afford multiple pieces. So I’ll excuse a level 15 Rogue running around with cloth caster shoulders as it’s better to have an Exp boost from an otherwise empty slot than nothing.

    I’ve seen it enough, and been asked about it enough, that I went ahead and posted a guide on which ones to buy for each class:

    I must day, I’m right there with you on being sick and tired of looking at the same freaking gear day in and day out. And as one who rolls alts almost constantly, I see the same gear on several different toons. It really sucks, and for that very reason I’d love to see some sort of armor dye introduced in the near future so that at the very least we can change the color now and then.

  2. I hate BoA stuff too but for a slightly different reason. Part of the fun in levelling has always been getting new upgrades, with the BoA gear that’s five slots made invalid.

    Definitely agree about the looks through and as someone who is currently levelling a Draenei Mage, I rather take exception wearing warlock gear. Some dye and a way of removing the skulls would be much appreciated.

    I have mixed feelings about people recycling gear they obviously picked up for other characters. I can understand why people might not want to optimise completely especially if they prefer levelling alts to raiding/running heroics at 80. (For reference purposes only I have all the BoA sets including one for a rogue which I have zero intention of ever levelling). However I can understand the mindset of someone with a limited supply of badges who just thinks they will mix and match, rather than run heroics especially for badges to buy heirloom gear with. I do think you have to consider that people are aware of the fact that X set isn’t optimal for a shaman but that they can’t afford to buy the correct set without grinding. Add in the fact that said alt might not make it to 80 or anywhere close and I can see where they are coming from.

    As for the Bloodied Arcanite Reaper on a hunter, yes, it’s not the optimal choice but having been raptorstruck for a stupid amount by a Bloodelf wielding one in WSG, it hit a lot harder than 2 heartseekers (or 1 dal’rends + 1 heartseeker) would have. So if you are levelling through a mixture of PvP and instances, I can see the attraction especially if you already had the reaper. Burst for those few seconds when you are in melee range, crit and plenty of stamina for survival.

  3. What’s even worse about BOA gear is using the same gear on two characters simultaneously. Think looking at the cloth purple skull motif gets tiresome on ONE character? Try double the skull action. So sick of it.

    I was actually in one instance where everyone – priest, warlock, two mages – had the caster shoulders and robes, plus the staff. It was sickening.

    • I’ve had the same thing happen more times than I care to remember.

      You think two is bad? 😉

      I had them on a Warlock, Druid, Priest, Shaman, and Mage all at once while that was the only complete set that I owned. I had to set up macros to equip/unequip them just so that mailing them between toons wasn’t such a burden.

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