Tuesday with Tarinae 8/3

First, I am so sorry that I missed last Tuesday, it was our last week of the summer and I was an exhausted little paladin that passed out way too early Monday night. All the same, I hope there is enough AWESOMESAUCE in this post to make up for it. I am still waiting on that beta key, I would really like to see the paladin stuff “live” but oh well. Here we are moving into…OMG can you believe it is August already? School starts back in like 2 weeks and that means trade chat goes back to normal and we are another month closer to Catacyslm! And one more rant closer to the goodness you actually came here for!

Spam and the Beta Invitations

Here is a quick story for you. A while ago, I logged onto WoW on my boyfriend’s computer when it was unknown to us that he had a keylogger. When we noticed something was fishy, it was immediately handled and I hopped over to my computer and switched my email address for battle.net. A month or so later, I realize it is was the thing to do because they had it. My new email address receives not even the faintest joke of a beta invite (:() while my no-longer-attached-to-wow received 64 beta invites that were filtered into my spam box. I emptied the folder but I am sure that if you contact Blizzard Entertainme. or blizzards.sales.com they would be sure to send you one. Who can resist your yummy info?

Video Time!

Most raiders, hardcore or casual or PuGGer, know of the lootship. I am Horde…always have been…probably always will be. I recently got to see it from the alliance perspective in this awesome video. Poor Horde. I saw it on WoW.com but for those of you who don’t check that out…CHECK THIS OUT! I really enjoyed it.

Authenticator News

If you have an authenticator, great! If you don’t, you should! If you add and re-add for things like your iPhone updates, there is something to note. There has been a new step added in the authenticator adding process. When doing the latest iPhone update, I removed mine to add it back a few minutes later and with the new battle.net, I saw this new step and tweeted about it for its verification. Speaking of the new battle.net, I am not a fan. It is still having some sort of glitch where it charges me for playing but says I have no active payment methods! That is bothersom.

All the same, the new step has had raised some issues across the internet. Yes, hacked accounts without authenciators were getting the authenticators put on the accounts to prolong their skeeviness. But, when they already have your email, they have one step of this equation needed to add it again. A keylogger will have logged your email password and chances are they have that too. If you’re like my, I stay logged into my email, the password which is secure and strong, is remembered as well as my username. But all the same, this step should be noted strongly if you don’t have an authenticator; not only is your wow account at stake but possibly your email.


Oh there is always a lot being discussed about this topic at any given time, but recently a post popped out at me that stood out. Chastity, while they aren’t playing in the beta, has been following the talents closely for warriors. She has found a very interesting “ism” that exists within the warrior tree. It doesn’t make me shake my fist in anger at Blizzard but makes me go “Hmmm”.

For my Healadins

Yes, I would play Tarinae in the beta, you can’t really roll the new races anyways, and yes, I would convey what the “live” seems to be like. But, when I can’t do it, I have to find the sources that can do it. In a recent beta invite giveaway from Curse and The Raid Warning, Kurn received an invitation. She does a great job at letting us know the feel for mana conversation and holy power! Also, stay tuned this week for Paladin build 12644 news!

Brew of the Year

FINALLY! I drank my last drink on Sunday and I got the grand year long achievement. I squeed so loud at having done it, that I almost missed something that made me squee even more…

The drink effects!

What? Video time again?!

I am both a gamer and a lover of Bollywood. I can tell you that I do play World of Warcraft, Dungeons & Dragons, and a new game called Perfect World…and Real Life? I can also tell you that I really love the movie and soundtrack to Bollywood film Om Shanti Om. That my friends is why I feel that you must see the new The Guild music video!


I am a political person…nah, not really but I follow the Warchief campaign closely anyways. I have to know I am standing by the right candidate. So far, the first debate is between my last two choices, but the best one is still to come: Thrall vs. Sylvanas. You have to understand the well-rounded-ness that is Sylvanas Windrunner, I mean she even makes an appearance in our D&D game, how much more awesome can you get?!

A Farewell

Not only is it time for me to say good-bye to you, but I also had a heartbreaking moment happen a week or so ago. My boyfriend, my long time playing pal, left the game. He will be back someday, but in addition to not wanting to play wow, we upgraded our cable service and I can’t pry him away from the TV. So with that, the amazing team that is Azazoth and Tarinae is no more for now.


Don't mind the ui....



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2 responses to “Tuesday with Tarinae 8/3

  1. Thanks again for the link! The Thrall v. Sylvanas debate is going to a fun, heated one. Can you imagine what Sylvanas will say to the face of the orc that stationed his private guard in her city? Mwa ha ha.

    The beta spam has been delightfully fun for me though. Since somehow, for some reason, they all get sent to an email that is not only not currently associated with my WoW account, It never has been. Ever. Oo;; Yea, doesn’t get more obvious than that.

  2. Wow, hadn’t seen that new warrior talent. What are they trying to say, huh?

    For now, you’ll just have to put up with the duo of Aleksondra and Tarinae. Not the same, I know, but we’re still a great team. Az’ll be back and when he is, he’ll be better than ever.

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