Cataclysm: Holy Power!

This is a momentary cop out post but I have promised the information on Holy Power. While I am combing the internet for more in-depth information, this is the quoted information from the latest Twitter Developer Chat #blizzchat.

All of the paladin specializations will make use of a new resource called Holy Power. Holy Power accumulates from using Crusader Strike, Holy Shock, and some other talents. Holy Power can be consumed to augment a variety of abilities, including:

  • An instant mana-free heal: Word of Glory
  • A buff to increase holy damage done: Inquisition
  • A massive physical melee attack for Retribution paladins: Templar’s Verdict
  • Holy Shield’s duration is now extended by Holy Power
  • Divine Storm’s damage is now increased by Holy Power

We also introduced several new heals for Holy Paladins including Healing Hands (an AoE heal-over-time that is applied to all players standing near the paladin), Light of Dawn (a cone heal with a 30-yard range), as well as a new heal called Divine Light, which is similar to a priest’s Greater Heal, and the new instant heal mentioned above, Word of Glory.

Q: Can you give us a sneak peek at one or two of the new Retribution abilities or talents?
A. Templar’s Verdict: An instant weapon attack that causes a percentage of weapon damage. Consumes all applications of Holy Power to increase damage dealt:

  • 1 Holy Power: 55% Weapon Damage
  • 2 Holy Power: 125% Weapon Damage
  • 3 Holy Power: 225% Weapon Damage

Word of Glory: Consumes all Holy Power to heal a friendly target for a specific amount per application of Holy Power (0 mana cost, 0 cooldown, instant cast)

From my understanding, this will be accumlulated similar to the way rogue’s can combo points. In the last build that I covered (I don’t believe another has been released), the talent point Tower of Radiance, will do a 100% chance of holy spells granting holy power when healing a beaconed target.

I hope my lack of a post this week has not turned you away and I promise that more information will be revealed as it is discovered and/or released.



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2 responses to “Cataclysm: Holy Power!

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  2. Legomyegos

    Flash of Light is now one of the most expensive heals on a pally, so i almost never use it. I just use Holy Shock, Holy Lighy, and Word of Glory alot.

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