Cataclysm: Paladin Talents & Mastery Changes

There is an updated Talent & Mastery post for 4.0.1. This post info is from the first release of information. Click here to get up-to-date info!

I know that these are probably going to keep changing. However, I am very excited to be on the top of the information for once and I really enjoy watching the changes that get made for better or for worse.



This time around, the trees receieved a full overhaul and even the masteries were changed a little. Starting with the mastery stat, in previous Cata-Builds the ability Holy Shock was going to be available to all paladins and the Holy Tree had 3 mastery talents. This is no more. Holy Shock is back to being exclusively Holy but doesn’t require a specific talent point as it does in live WotLK. I also realize that it may have come back a few builds ago but I hadn’t noticed. We also see the incorporation of another mastery skill in this build: Spiritual Focus.


First, if you are looking for a build of the last Cata-Build, I apologize for the failed links in my original 31-talent post because they seemed to have linked incorrectly. There are some pretty outstanding changes to the talents as described in the last update including new talents and the removal of an extremely loved talent. One major benefit to the current build (12539) we can get significant help from the Retribution tree.

Specific changes in this Cata-Build includes:

Tier 1

Sanctified LightDivinityJudgements of the Pure

Spiritual Focus has been removed from the tree and incorporated into Mastery.

Tier 2

Clarity of Purpose (3/3) – Reduces the cast time of Holy Light by up to .3 seconds. This is similar to Light’s Grace but is a constant instead of proc or percentage.

Healing Light (3/3) – Has been changed from its current version to increase the healing done by Word of Glory (ps. that is a srs wtf name) and the healing/damage of Holy Shock by up to 30% at max rank.

Improved Lay on Hands

Tier 3

Illumination – Divine Favor – Infusion of Light – Enlightened Judgements

The only thing to note in this tier is that Divine Favor sports the same icon as the beloved Divine Illumination but does a 100% crit chance on the next heal. It is still a chained talent.

Tier 4

Beacon of Light has been moved down the tree again from Tier 3 but suffers the same nerf it received in the last build.

Speed of Light (3/3) – A chained talent from Infusion of Light, this talent can grant up to 30% spell haste after casting Holy Shock for the next healing spell excluding Word of Glory. It also allows Healing Hands to have a shorter cooldown and provide a movement speed buff.

Sacred Cleansing – Still 1 talent point to remove magic

Tier 5

Aura Mastery – Improved Concentration Aura

Denounce (2/2) – Not perceieved to be a raiding talent but viable for leveling as any holy spell will grant a 50%-100% chance that your next Exorcism will be instant and mana-free.

Tier 6

Tower of Radiance (3/3) – When healing the Beaconed target, holy spells have up to 100% chance to grant Holy Power (stay tuned for information on this)

Blessed Life

End Tier

Light of Dawn (1/1) – **This ability currently does not have a tooltip in the beta talent calculator and for simplicity I have found the tooltip from Kurn** – 21% of base mana, instant cast, 30 second cooldown, Send a wave of healing energy before you, healing all friendly targets up to 30 yards away for 1.

Well, assuming it’s for more than “1″, yowza. This might actually be a worthy 31-point talent.

Ret Tree Support

Rule of Law (Tier 1 3/3) – Increases critical strike chance of Crusader Strike and Holy Light by up to 15%.

Crusade (Tier 1 3/3) – Increases…healing…by Holy Shock by up to 30%

Conviction (Tier 2 3/3) – Gives up to a 3% bonus to healing after receiving a critical strike by any spell or ability. This can stack up to 3 times.

I believe it is possible to get support from the Prot tree at this point but I don’t believe the talents you have to take to get to that support are viable right now. Basically saying the means don’t meet this ends in this build.

This is by no means an in-depth analysis though I did input on the occasion, it is merely a relay of information to keep on top of things as the paladin class undergoes a massive overhaul. One of the topics covered in the latest BlizzChat on Twitter was the concept of Holy Power and how it will work, as soon as I find more definitive information on it, I hope to get it to you.

Thanks for tuning in!


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