Tuesday with Tarinae 7/20

Quite possibly this may  be the most rushed Tuesday post I have mustered up yet. I don’t intend for it to be this way but I have *coughgaminggroup* company coming in less than 30 minutes and tomorrow at work I have a big project I am still working on and have to finish. All the same…


The wow world has been decently quiet except for the hubub of the Cataclysm Talent Trees being released in their 31 point fail glory. I have already covered holy paladin changes and there are a couple other people covering a few aspects. And while I know there are lots more, my feed reader is a mess and I can’t find them all.

  • Adam says he might cry at rogue talents
  • Rhidach talks about the trends in changes for paladins
  • Kurn shares initial thoughts for holy paladins
  • Okay, I have searched my reader over and can’t find the priest links anywhere! All the same…

Helpful Blogging Tips

As a blogger who is still relateively new, I think that reaching your potential is very important. Both in content and layout, your blog is under constant scrutiny. I am thankful for the readers that I have and encourage anyone of you that may be interested in starting your own blog to:

  1. Let me know 🙂
  2. Check out Zelmaru’s amazing blogging tips!

A new (front!) runner

As we are very aware, Vrykerion has been keeping us all posted on the current campaigns for Warchief 2010. There is a new candidate running and most men agree it is pleasant to watch her do so! Introducing Sylvanas Windrunner for Warchief 2010!

PS. I would totally serve under Thrall in real life but I do LOVE Sylvanas!

Off-Topic/Other Game

Okay, I AM SO GULLIBLE! I admit it openly and honestly. I can’t even begin to describe to you the level that my naivety can reach sometimes. That said…is Real Life…really a game? Or…what? I mean, I play Sims but…I feel so silly. Forget I asked!

Too Embarrased…

I’m not even going to give a conclusion, just a good-bye!



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7 responses to “Tuesday with Tarinae 7/20

  1. Lol 😀 I have to admit, when I first read Tobold’s post about it I was like, “Wow, this real life game sounds interesting”. It took me a while to realise what he was actually on about 🙂

    Hope you’re a little less busy this week ❤

  2. Tam

    There’s good commentary on priesty changes for Cata over at priestwithacause.blogspot.com

    What Defines a Holy Priest (http://priestwithacause.blogspot.com/2010/07/what-defines-holy-priest.html), I think, captures the mood of many priests.

    And Harpy’s Nest, again, with similar frustrated commentary: http://harpysnest.wordpress.com/2010/07/08/cataclysmic-changes-to-the-talent-trees/

    Priest bloggers unite! 😀

  3. jammy

    For those people who have just come to holy and whose guilds have no interest in anything but ICC10, there are a few other things to consider, namely the off-hands:
    Temple Crystal fragment (from Novos the summoner)
    Shrivelled heart from heroic Captain’s chest HoR
    Scourge Lord’s baton from deathwhisper (not so good, as it has hit, but has a lot of int)

    • For holy paladins, while Temple Crystal Fragment provides good stats, there are still better options like the Protector of Frigid Souls, even if it takes using the OH to run and get the shield.

      While I can *understand* using the Scourge Lord’s Baton, it falls into the same category as rolling on down-graded armor like a holy paladin rolling on cloth. There are other people who should have priority to that item.

      PS. I am guessing this was a response to the shield post instead of Tuesday?

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