Shield Slot: Holy Paladin Shield Options

Notice: This does not include PVP shields now available without rating as of 4.0.1.

Recently, I have been seeing some interesting situations that holy paladins have put themselves in. Priest clothes with umpteen tons of spirit…off-hands the warlocks need…just mind boggling situations. So I thought to myself, if they are having a hard time finding a shield and want to result to off-hands with spirit and hit rating, perhaps I could be of some service. I have been pondering this post for a long time and it seems just right as . I hope this is as inclusive as possible but as always, welcome someone pointing out items that I forgot.

Blue Quality

Tor’s Crest – Source: King Ymiron – Utgarde Pinnacle (Normal)

Not a level 80 piece, but certainly worth mentioning to have until you hit that final level. It has all the basic stats that a holy paladin benefits from including Intellect, Critical Strike, and Spell Power; stamina being a given on almost all pieces.

Facade Shield of Glyphs – Source: Krik’thir the Gatewatcher – Azjol Nerub (Heroic)

A Level 80 blue that comes from the first boss in H:AN. This is the same physical model as Tor’s Crest only a different color. It too has basic healadin stats trading crit for MP5 which may be helpful when struggling with mana in the first bit after hitting 80.

EPIC Quality

Zom’s Crackling Bulwark – Source: BoE from multiple sources

The price range on this is server dependent but I have seen it as high as 2,000 gold. It isn’t a bad choice but provides minimal baseline stats for intellect, spell power, and MP5. This is a popular choice for shamans and moderately popular chocie for fresh 80 or new-to-holy paladins.

Protective Barricade of Light – Source: Emblem of Heroism Vendor – 35 Emblems

This is more than likely the first epic shield that you will have access to get. It is a very popular choice among healadins who have not had the chance to see other drops or be in raids to get other drops. I used this shield for quite some time when Emblems of Valor were end-game currency. This combines both of the blue quality shields providing all the stats: Intellect, Spell Power, Crit, and MP5. It is easy to see why it is a popular choice and for its price vs. gaining emblems is considerably cheap!

Protector of Frigid Souls – Source: Scourgelord Tyrannus (Normal)

One of the easiest shields above iLvl 200 to obtain. This shield shares a model with the Shield of Assimilation (see below) and offers the same stats with the exception of trading haste for crit rating. In comparison to the Protective Barricade of Light, this shield is better in all stats other than Intellect. So the choice for the easiest way to obtain an epic quality shield upon hitting 80 is whether to farm a normal instance for a drop, farm instances for emblems, or spend emblems you may have earned through the LFD tool.

Aegis of Damnation – Source: Maexxna or Gluth – Naxxramas (10)

Naxxramas was THE place to go for shields when Wrath first came out, providing us with the option of 3 different choices and their own unique models. This shield is a decent drop rate from Maexxna, the last boss of the Spider quarter, at 19%. This is a step up from the Protective Barricade of Light, enhancing most stats, while trading MP5 for haste. Mana regeneration can be worked around while haste is its own base stat, making this a better choice for faster heals.  Also, considering its model, it is paired excellently with Hammer of the Astral Plane for both looks and stats!

Shield of Assimilation – Source: Anub’rekhan or Gluth – Naxxramas (25)

If trading the MP5 for haste was a problem when going to the Aegis of Damnation, this shield provides a boost of Intellect and spell power while offering haste and MP5 instead of one or the other. This makes this shield great for holy light providing quickness and the mana regen needed to continue spitting out quick spells.

Voice of Reason – Source: Kel’Thuzad – Naxxramas (25)

This shield is highly popular. While it is a low drop from the last boss, it is better than a particular 10-man Ulduar shield I will tell you about in a minute! This shield provides the highest base stats, above all the afore mentioned shields, and includes the extra stats of Crit, Spell Power, and Haste.

Pulsing Spellshield – Source: XT-002 Deconstructor – Ulduar (10)

Providing amazingly yummy holy paladin stats (Int, SP, Crit, & Haste) this shield is better than most Naxxramas shield with the exception of the Voice of Reason. With XT being a possibility for the weekly raid quests, this may be an easy option to attempt to get if you are on the search. On as side note: I have had this shield since Ulduar was end game content and I am so incredibly sick of looking at it.

Ice Layered Barrier – Source: Hodir – Ulduar (10 Hard Mode)

This is a change from the Pulsing Spellshield in that it offers MP5 instead of crit and has a small int, haste, and spell power boost. However, this shield may be more difficult to obtain than other options as it is from a Hard Mode cache. If mana issues are not a problem for you and/or you are not a hard core progressive raider, there may be better options to attempt to gain.

Wisdom’s Hold – Source: Thorim – Ulduar (25 Hard Mode)

Reflecting back to Ulduar end-game, most of the shield were from hard mode caches. To quote the wowhead comments on this item, “The first shield I would consider replacing Voice of Reason with.” While it provides a minute boost in stats for spell power, you also lose 1 int . However, the haste boost is  +16 as well as providing something no other shield has yet to offer: a socket.

Pride of the Kok’ron – Source: Anub’arak – Trial of the Crusader (10)

*This is Vigilant Ward for Alliance*

With the introduction of TOC, came the concept of normal and heroic versions of gear. This shield has is a normal drop, that has a slightly better version from 10-Man Trial of the Grand Crusader. In comparison, again, to the Voice of Reason, this shield falls short in Intellect, Stamina, Crit, and Haste. It does however, offer MP5 and a YELLOW socket. That means when you gem for +20 intellect (as we all should be), not only do you negate the Intellect base stat loss, but also gain an amazing 2 MP5. I was a little let down by this socket bonus, tbh.

Bastion of Resolve – Source: Faction Champions – Trial of the Crusader (25)

*This is Bastion of Purity for Alliance*

Finally, a shield that excels about Voice of Reason and is drool worthy to any holy paladin, resto shaman, and maybe even elemental shamans! Providing top-notch stats for that level of end-game content, it also very appealing to look at! It has great stats in Intellect, Crit, Haste, and Spell Power. I also mean to say that the Horde version is visually appealing! The drop-rate and competition for this excellent piece can sometimes cause problems as the supply does not meet the demand. This shield also has a normal and heroic version.

Lost Pavise of the Blue Flight – Source: Sindragosa – Icecrown Citadel (10)

The Heroic version of this shield (and this shield itself) is BiS for strict 10-man healadins. While it does have MP5, it still also provides the haste and a potent amount of intellect and spell power. It does not provide a socket, and given a +20 gem is still comparable to the Heroic: Pride of the Kok’ron. The model used for this shield is amazing as well. Normal version of this shield is iLvl 258 and the Heroic is 264. This is also the only holy relevant shield from 10 man.

Bulwark of Smoldering Steel – Source: Marrowgar – Icecrown Citadel (25)

Much like the Lost Pavise of the Blue Flight, this is comparable to the Herioc: Bastion of Resolve because of the lack of a socket but the heroic version is overall BiS. I cannot even begin to describe just how amazing this shield is. Strong and potent healadin stats and ANOTHER YELLOW SOCKET on the Heroic version! Between gemming and enchants on the Heroic version you can add up to 45 intellect (59 if you are a JC with JC gem) and gain 5 extra base spell power (not inclusive of theorycrafted SP from int).

I fully believe that this covers every WotLK instance and raid and the available shields that can be beneficial. We can take away from this that relatively nothing is better than Voice of Reason until Trial of Crusader. I hope that listing them in this manner helps you when you are trying to figure out what to run for gearing that holy paladin of yours. Being able to see what drops where without having to sift through all the other loot. May the loot mother be with you when you attempt to gain any of these!

EDIT: Knowing I would forget at least one, thank you to Melfina for pointing it out and have a look towards the top of the EPIC quality list for the addition of Zom’s Crackling Bulwark.



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4 responses to “Shield Slot: Holy Paladin Shield Options

  1. You forgot Zom’s Crackling Bulwark. It’s a decent purple shield, and as a BOE, shouldn’t be too hard to get your hands on. Adowa’s currently rocking it. It has decent int, with some mp5 and spellpower, but no socket sadly.

  2. Benjy

    There are also lesser shields available from the main faction in Northrend (Alliance Vanguard/Horde Expedition) and one available from a group quest in Icecrown, but these are lower ilevel shields, and it’s pretty easy to get epic ones these days.

  3. Cat

    Interesting that you value crit over mp5 since it isn’t the current popular opinion.

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