Cataclysm: 31 Paladin Talents

We have heard for a while that the talent trees are pretty much getting axed (pun intended!) in half. From what would have been 76 points to spend will now be a total of 41 and once you begin a tree, you must finish in it until 31 points are dunked into it. However, you also feel more of the spec as you put your first point into than you would right now being a Holy Paladin, Shadow Priest, etc.

The talent calculators for Holy paladin (and other classes) are now out and I want to take a minute to analyze. By no means am I trying to say this is or will be permanent, beta changes. But for now, here is a look at the 31 point holy tree (I will only cover massive changes like tier moves, new talents, or specific changes to the talent).

Tier 1

Sanctified Light: Moved from the fifth tier as it is right now, still has 3 ranks in the first tier and still maintains 3 ranks to increase Holy Light & Holy Shock crits by 15%.

Spiritual Focus: Down-ranked from 5 to 2 ranks and still does the push back mechanic.

Divinity: NOW IN THE HOLY TREE! As a bonus, it has been down ranked from 5 to 3 ranks but recieves an extra 1% healing bonus for a total of 6% at 3/3. This will hurt those who receive extra talent support from the prot tree, but I see it as a beneficial move as it is healing based.

Tier 2

Divine Intellect: GONE.

Judgements of the Pure:  Up from Tier 9 and accessible to all paladins with appropriate talent spending. It has also received a 6% nerf in the amount of the haste buff provided from 15% to 9% but is correlated with the downranking from 5 points to 3.

Improved Lay On Hands: Up 1 tier from Tier 3 but exactly the same.

Unyielding Faith: The same tier but changes the way fear mechanic works with healadins. Instead of the duration being reduced, it allows you to recover yourself more quickly by cutting off some casting time.

Tier 3

Divine Light: The big heal. I never really thought we particularly needed another massive heal. I would have preferred a more simplistic HOT than SS+FoL combo.

Beacon of Light: Received a BIG move from the end tier to the third. Has also been changed to only allow healing duplication only from Holy Light and Holy Shock. Well, at least baby healies will have it and it won’t suck to be low level.

Inspired Judgement: NEW TALENT! The damage done by your judgement, heals the beacon. Uhm. I’m not sure about this. When you’re keeping up your JoP it may help with the GCD judgement uses but it seems like it could be combined with something.

Tier 4

Infusion of Light: Now a solo talent instead of a chained talent.

Tier 5

Sacred Cleansing: OMFG! I CANNOT BELIEVE WE HAVE TO SPEND A TALENT POINT ON THIS. Having already covered dispelling mechanics, I think this along with all other mechanics for other classes is a stupid change.

Aura Mastery: Down 2 tiers, I am not a fan that this has become a chained talent and we MUST take it to get the bottom tier.

Improved Concentration Aura: Down a tier but seems to work the same.

Tier 6

Selfless Healer: Provides a higher crit percentage when healing others. As we do heal other people 98% of time, this seems kind of basic and worthless as a talent so far down the tree.

Purifying Power: Received a complete overhaul. Instead of doing things like reducing mana costs and CD’s for harming spells, when you Cleanse a harmful spell from an ally, you have a chance (50%/100%) to do judgement damage to the enemy.

End Tier

Divine Illumination: WTFDIDYOUDOTOTHISTALENT! It no longer does mana conservation/saving. Instead…provides even more crit. Crit is by no means a bad thing but Blizzard has said they want people to be more aware of their mana and by taking this away seems counterproductive.

With that being the end of the holy tree, you should have 10 points left, but at this point, it doesn’t seem that we will be getting any sigifcant support from the prot or ret trees when we only have 10 points left. I do hope with all hope that there are beta changes still coming to this.

A sample build (strong holy).

A Sample build (holy/prot).

PS. At this point, I do not like 31 talent points though I am glad you will feel the tree at lower levels.



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3 responses to “Cataclysm: 31 Paladin Talents

  1. Yeah, those are some changes indeed. I’m putting up a post about it later as well, but I’m thinking that these changes are actually pretty interesting. Of course, it has been announced that Blizzard wants us to do more damage in order to feel more useful, and a lot of the new talents reflect that. I think it’s an interesting mechanic, really.

    Oh and by the way, I haven’t found more than just a blue post on this, but it seems that Divine Illumination will be gone in its entirety as well. Not sure what will replace it.

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