Tuesday with Tarinae 7/13

So another Tuesday goes by and I am a little closer to a calmer life. Only 2 more Tuesdays before a vacation! Well, a break from work anyways. All the same, this post is a little later than my typical 10:45 because I woke up feeling ill this morning and called in to work. My boss had a virus last week and I hope that has nothing to do with this. But you’re not here to hear about me! You’re here for the wow goodness, the fun stuff, the srs bsns!

What must come first is…

A BIG thank you to Zelmaru & Angelya for their amazing guests posts. The awesomeness that they generated last week propelled me through and I should be able to keep up the pace. If you have been working on a post, please let me know and email me at tarinae (@) gmail dot com and it will be posted!

In other news…

Yes, I have told you that Blizzard has changed their minds for the Real ID on the forums. It was brought to my attention that I didn’t make it clear that they stated the change is “at this time”  but I meant to do that. I am not won over by the fact that they hide behind the “optional” use of it all and that they still have intentions for the forums and the Real ID feature. BUt to tag along with this, many players ~1,000+ wrote to the ESRB about the situation for help.  If you were one of those people, chances are your email has been leaked. PS. There is also another security flaw you should know about.

Up sprouts a new blog!

Congratulations and good luck to Cynwise who has just released her Auction House based manual blog! Her latest post is about why you need a bank alt, and supports the fashionable cloths that these factors can wear.

For more bank alt goodness…

Rades posted an amazing farewell to his bank alt. I read the biography of the great cow and was in awe. A great (RPish) post.

Because I love mine so much, I thought I would share…again…in all her fashionable glory.

Beta time!

So, we all know the beta has started. The moment the NDA was dropped and invites went out, there was a rush of information tot he blogging world. People couldn’t wait to share the changes, the spoilers, the goodness. I was a little sad I didn’t have an invite. I have mentioned before that I am not sure what I would do in beta, but I would definitely check out the talent trees and professions for Tarinae. All the same, I share the good news that a new round of beta invites are going out this week! So to anyone who has opted-in, I wish you the best of luck!

Other class feature

I have a category over there, *points to right sidebar* for other classes. See it? Good. I have been wanting to do a small feature of some sort for hunters but I just haven’t managed to think of anything pertinent to say. With that said, while I work on getting a paladin gear slot guide done, check out another one of Rades amazing posts on Distracting Shot that is perfect for that huntering newbie (different than noob!).

A farewell screenshot

To say good-bye is to leave you with beauty and loot blessings. Until next time…



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2 responses to “Tuesday with Tarinae 7/13

  1. Thanks for the double link-love Tarinae! Nice mini-gallery of your bank toon’s outfits – I never have the bank space to collect cosmetic sets unfortunately. 😦 I also loved your comment on the Distracting Shot post, haha. 😀

  2. You’re welcome hun, anytime 🙂 I hope things have calmed down a bit for you now!

    Okay I need to work on some auction house char outfits, I think I’ve been neglecting mine by the looks!

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