The Dreaded Dungeon

Hi, it’s Angelya here, helping Tarinae out while she’s a busy bee.

The Halls of Stone loading screen is the sight that I dread seeing after I accept the random dungeon invitation. My druid, Leesah, seems to get Halls of Stone more than any other dungeon, and I really dislike the place. I’m not really sure why, it’s just… tedious.

I remembered recently that the armory now has these neat statistics of how many bosses we have killed.  It turns out that yes, I have been to HoS a lot more than other dungeons, but surprisingly the honour for the most frequent heroic goes to Drak’Tharon Keep. Now I don’t mind DtK -it’s quick, especially when you skip a few of the bosses, so I mustn’t have noticed doing it so many times.

But this is a post for Tarinae, so I had a nose through her armory today to see what dungeons she’s been up to.  Here’s the breakdown.

Perhaps the random dungeons aren’t so random after all!  Tarinae has DtK topping her list as well, followed closely by Violet Hold, another quick and easy one. Lucky!

It seems that Tarinae hasn’t been subjected to many Halls of Reflection runs, which can be hell on holy Paladins, I’m told.

Remember, these are the stats for final boss kills, so it only counts successful dungeon runs. I’m sure for most people there’s been a fair share of groups that have fallen apart during the run, especially on Pit of Saron and Halls of Reflection.

What is your Dungeon of Dread? Do you have one that seems to come up all the time, and do your stats agree?



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12 responses to “The Dreaded Dungeon

  1. Oculus was the big one, of course, but I dread Halls of Lightning the most. It’s not hard (though the room with all the constellation machines and iron dwarves used to be iffy) but it just takes so long! Halls of Stone I don’t mind that much anymore, I used to hate it when the Brann event was a group-killer.

    Personally I seem to get Nexus and Gundrak a TON, and hardly ever get UK or UP.

    • Agreed about HoL, although I recently had a run that was super fast, because the druid who had entered as the healer did the whole thing in Moonkin form, popping out now and then to heal the tank. It was ridiculously fast with 4 dps!

  2. How come you got Oculus so little.. 😦 That’s my bug bear

    • I’m not sure. And I don’t think I have ever left it, I just don’t get it very often.

      When I stop to think about it, I haven’t been thrown into it since the Blue Drake was released and I got mine the first try.

  3. Resto

    Tell me about it I hate Halls of Boredom.. In fact I do hate every dungeon that starts with Halls… they’re just awful

    Ona side note, I was checking the stats in my two 80s and I notice that I go a lot to DtK followed by UP weird…

  4. I rarely leave dungeons because I don’t do a lot anymore to avoid the burnout and stuff but I have been known to leave a Nexus or Old Kingdom group because of the sheer horror it strikes in my heart of “AHHHH NOT AGAIN NOOO!”

  5. Nonous

    Of course, you do realise that the armory statistics aren’t just for randoms, ya? Remember back in the day, when you had to actually choose which dungeon you were going to run, and DtK and VH were the big ones?

  6. paperclip

    For me it’s ahn’kahet. It comes up about twice as often as a uniform distribution suggests it should and I groan every time. That doesn’t even count times I dropped becuase the group insisted on bugging it by jumping through the wall which I could never get to work. I dislike halls of lightning too because there are still wipes when too many mobs are pulled at once.

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