Tuesday with Tarinae 7/6

What a busy summer and what a busy month this has been. I haven’t been able to sit and play the way I would like nearly 4 weeks in a row now. Between work and wedding season, I have been on the go, making it a point to at least make time for Flame Keeper. I didn’t even get around to trying for the pet every day on Tarinae, in turn, she didn’t get it this year either. I even squeezed in one go at Halion and made myself run late for a time-dependent event, my schedule has been that tight.

With that said, I can move on to the good stuff!

Cataclysm NDA

This has been lifted as we all know and the beta is now live. I have only checked my battle net once and didn’t have an invite. I am not sure what I would even do in beta, but I did enjoy having the experience of the WotLK beta, seeing the changes and whatnot. As promised, I won’t do anything spoiler heavy here for things like lore, quests, or even zone screenshots. There are plenty of blogs that are covering in enough detail that I am even staying away from almost anything that says Cataclysm.

To those in beta, congratulations and I hope that you are having a blast.

Ruby Sanctum

Last week, I had said that no one was looking in Trade chat for the Ruby Sanctum, well that was in fact becuase it hadn’t been opened yet. This past Tuesday at approximately 6:30 EST the release was posted and the doors were open. I didn’t see anything for it in trade chat, I knew the progression guilds had plans and I even knew that some guild was trying 10:H before finishing 10 normal. Since then I have only seen the briefest discussion of it in trade chat and people asking accomplishments on twitter. It doesn’t seem to particularly intrigue people that are still fighting their way through ICC normal and/or hard modes.

First look at Halion

Guests Posts & Time Budget

I have had several amazing bloggers offer me help when I called for guests posts. I am very excited by all of them! Even at this very moment, I got off work a little early but get the chance to type this up while my boyfriend is in the shower getting ready. I am so incredibly helpful for their help and the interest shown. In the sheer interest of time, have some link love!

Link Love

Good luck in game, in life, and everything you choose to do this week! I will be seeing you soon!



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3 responses to “Tuesday with Tarinae 7/6

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  2. Thanks for the link hun ❤ I hope your week isn't too stressful so far.

    On my server, there have been pugs going for Ruby Sanctum all week. It seems though that most of the people who wanted to pug it did so early on, because when I was on over the weekend I didn't see so many people on trade talking about it. Anyway I believe my guild are going to have a crack at it for the first time tomorrow night – wish us luck 😉

  3. Thank you for highlighting the shaman community! I haven’t seen RS10 yet, although I’ve seen it on 25. I think for a more casual player it’s actually well balanced and kinda fun, a lot of the objections I’ve seen to it are from ‘bleeding edge’ players.

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