Blogger Outreach

I know that you have noticed a lag in the posts here at A Healadin’s Tear, and I am eternally sorry for that. I love blogging but right now, I am in a very busy schedule where I haven’t had time for myself in a while. The past 3 weekends…booked. This weekend…booked. It has been really tight and non-stop. Hopefully by the next weekend, I will have some time to breathe and post and live again.

That said, it brings me to my reason for this post. I haven’t quite reached the 6-month marker and the last thing I want is to fall apart, don’t think I don’t notice those page views, because I do. So I am calling out to other WoW bloggers, whether you’re fighting burn-out or playing Beta or leveling the alt, I am asking for your help. I am in search of a guest post or two to get me through the next week. Angelya had some great responses for her guest posts so I hope this works! I already feel bad enough that it looks like it will be Tuesday columns back to back.

Guests posts are free reign except Cataclysm spoilers. I promised readers I wouldn’t do it and I won’t. Non-paladin class posts, paladin class posts, guild posts, raid posts, whatever your fancy!

If you’re interested, email me at tarinae (@) gmail dot com. I can’t wait to hear from you!

PS. Thank you in advance.


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One response to “Blogger Outreach

  1. I’d absolutely love to, but unfortunately I’m just not able to help. I have trouble finding topics to write about on my own blog. Not to mention the limited amount of time I have nowadays to play and write.

    I Wish I could help, I really do.

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