Tuesday with Tarinae 6/22

Well, here we are again and I sincerely hope this time the scheduling goes through. Last week was a little bit of a disaster when my Tuesday post got put on Thursday because I hadn’t been able to check it. But that is okay, that is what learning is all about. I can’t deny I was waiting for the moment my perfect streak would be screwed up! All the same, here is another round of Tuesday goodness!

Guest Post

At this moment, I am not currently offering any guest post positions but Angelya is out-of-town and has asked for people to help her out. I will be getting something her way, most likely a screenshot for her amazing gallery, but keep an eye out over there for it 🙂

Link Love

When you don’t get a chance to sit and blog yourself, as has been my case this past week, I think it is important to share the awesomeness that you read to keep you sane. Here is a fraction of the awesomeness from Cataclysm to funnies!

WRUP: Tarinae Edition

I really enjoy the WRUP column on wow.com and I thought I would take a minute to do my own. Being busy, I haven’t really wanted to get started into WoW, haven’t been in the mood when I can’t really devote the time I want to it. So there are some other things on the table that help me wittle away the time.

Sims 2: I have Sims 2, Nightlife, Celebrations, and Seasons expansions. I have been constructing my own house to transpose myself in game as well as raise a family I created from scratch. Tyler and Emilie Rose are family oriented with two kids and I am learning the hard way handling the lives of 2 working adults, a teenager, and a toddler is like real life…it sucks 🙂

D&D: I am playing in two table-top roleplaying games. One being the obvious Dungeons & Dragons campaign that I have mentioned before, but a mathemitician friend devleoped his own game; handbooks, rules, skills, system, he did it all. That one is on the table right now as well, and I love both campaigns. That is another reason I loved Mary Varn’s D&D article so well, it rings true!

A Cop-Out

Okay, I don’t really have anything profound to say this week. I don’t want to continue to ramble but I also don’t want to let you guys down. I am keeping my eyes and ears tuned for fun tidbits and I hope that I get to be able to play a little more this week; the busy-ness will dwindle down after this coming weekend.

Good luck in game and maybe I will not suck at blogging in the next 7 days 🙂


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  1. Sadly I can’t take credit for the venn diagram. It’s a Google Image Search find. 😦 I can however take credit for the highly controversial post it goes with! (which didn’t turn out to be nearly as controversial as I thought it would)

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