Dear Cataclysm

I have been pretty busy this week with an out-of-town wedding so I haven’t had a chance to get together anything fun and researched or anything so I thought I would go with the Shared Topic for this week.

Which town, quest, NPC, or zone really needs to be purged with fire, in your opinion? Will you enjoy dancing on the ashes of a particularly hated quest giver? Or is there some zone you avoid like the plague (plaguelands excluded) where being nuked from orbit could only improve the experience? And why do you hate it/them so much?

With Catacslym coming, it will bring a lot of changes. There are some changes that are going to be sad but others that are long overdue.I know the shared topic is quests and zones and things but I am also going to through in a mechanic that I really dislike.

Please DIAF

QUEST: At War With the Scarlet Crusade

This quest is a chain series of 4 different quests that you do while in Brill. These quests are long, drawn-out, and repetitive. They seem to take you everywhere when nothing really gets accomplished. The first quest, you traverse half the zone and back again at Level 5ish to kill 10 warriors. Pro-tip: Don’t die.

Did I mention there were 4 quests in this chain!?

MECHANIC: 1 Potion / Combat

When this mechanic was introduced, I thought it was stupid. Having a haste potion popping DPS, makes me hate it even more. It really limits the use of potions which in turn, strains the profession that makes them. This also isn’t strictly related to raiding. You know that lowbie that you have, the one without healing powers, the one that could have survived if she could have only popped that second potion! This mechanic should DIAFAR…die in a fire and rot!

QUEST: Moonwells

OMGWTFSRSLY! Night Elves are so monotous to play because all they ever want you to do it “Get water from the special moonwell” or “Go get water so we can see if this moonwell is special”. Over and over the water goes in your pretty little vial and over and over they send you to go get more.

ZONE/MECHANIC: Limit 1 Flightplan per zone

The Barrens has THREE flight plans: Crossroads, Ratchet, and Camp Taurajo. Then why is it that I must run up and ALMOST ALL THE WAY THROUGH Stonetalon Mountains: Sun Rock Retreat to get to the only flight path? Or all the way through Stonetalon and then ALL THE WAY ACROSS to get the Desolace: Shadowprey Village? At least if there were “pit-stops” on the way, I could come back and finish traveling later but once you start your journey, you’re there for the long haul.

ZONE: Un’Goro Crater

It is very dreary, there are elites that are stealthy and will eat you, there are bugs, and there is a spot for the Exploration Achievement that always takes me like 20 minutes to find. ‘Nuff said.

I’m Sorry You’re DingIAF

R.I.P Mankrik's Wife

Dear Santa Cataclysm:

There aren’t many things that I particularly want in Cataclysm, I am pretty excited as a whole but there are a few things I feel this is a great time to mention:

  1. Attunements: I loved the part about TBC heroics when you had to have the key, please bring something like this back!
  2. I know you just took our Guild talent trees away, but give us some new cool guild things like an interface or mount covers!
  3. I am really excited for Heroic Shadowfang Keep, just please leave it the way it is for my babies that love it so much!

I am pretty sure this is no where near an exhaustive list for things I want or want to DIAF but it is a good start. I can’t wait to actually do the leveling I say I want to and say my proper good-byes to Mankrik’s wife, it is my only regret that she doesn’t have a name.


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