I had thought about throwing this in for this Tuesday post as an accomplishment section, but I just couldn’t wait that long to share the good news.

Last night, I was in one of the best PUGs I have been in a long time. There were a couple loot issues, that were my fault for not asking loot rules, but the group was spectacular. We One-shot the entire first quarter of ICC-10. I hadn’t seen such coordination in a PUG like that in…well I would say never! The ranged new what to do, the OT learned how to jump ship, and even I got to do something new!

Take a good look at the recount there...what do you see?

That’s right folks! This chick DPS’d Saurfang as a Ret Paladin! Furthermore, after having talked to Zal, check out the number 5K+. I was shocked and had a GREAT time just smacking that boss around like he was a broken toy. And speaking of broken toys…we progressed further than I have ever been. I got see the Upper Spire and that has never happened. The weekly was the blight strains and so after killing Precious & Stinky (STILL AWESOME!) we went to Rotface first.


My very first look at Rotface...

We attempted it twice, but we were wiping with a lack of ooze control and the assigned cleanser was having some trouble. He was at ~50% though both times, so it was a good first attempt for many of us. There was a rogue though, first wipe OF THE NIGHT, and he “had to go”. Leaving in a progressive raid is rude without prior warning, just FYI mister. We replace him with an even better mage and…


Totally pwnd the face off of Festergut! My very first Festergut kill and I has a picture! We were doing so awesome that we have a continuation invite for 2:30 ST tonight, I haven’t been this excited to play in a long time! It is so awesome and the tank reminds me a lot of a great friend that I used to run with so I like it a lot.

Like I said, there were some loot issues (off-spec and too many MS) but I didn’t walk out of there empty handed:



I would also like to send a thanks to Rades who informed me about the awesome sound byte of Rotface, I was sure to have my speakers up and laughed! It was genuinely entertaining!

I had a blast last night and can’t wait to get back in tonight but no, this does not change my casual persona! I like to raid when I am in the mood and have time and this happens to be my last free weekend for a while.



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4 responses to “Progression

  1. Congratulations on the kills! I only got past the first four bosses recently, as my current guild is kinda full of fail. Also, congratulations on the ring and weapon, I’m still waiting for a better weapon or shield to roll my way. I’m stuck with Mariel’s Sorrow and Protector of Frigid Souls šŸ˜¦

    Anyway, good luck on the continue. I sincerely hope everybody shows up, or that you’ll at least be able to get people to fill up the raid. And of course, that you down some extra bosses! Let us know how it goes, allright? šŸ™‚

    I might get further than 7/12 soon too, as I’m applying to another guild. If I get accepted, I know I can definitely progress further than I have currently. I’ll update my blog when that happens šŸ™‚

    • I have been using the Pulsing Spellshield since Ulduar was end-game content and I am SO INCREDIBLY SICK OF LOOKING AT IT!!!!! /nerdrage šŸ™‚

      Thank you for the luck, might need it šŸ™‚

  2. Nice work, lady! You’ve got me in the mood to really do some srs warrior research. Find me a good warrior blog, Google is full of fail.

  3. Zal

    Good job šŸ˜€

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