Following the Leader (Part Deux)

I suppose it happens in the life of all great bloggers that you will have an amazing post, only to realize later, you forgot to write what you really wanted to say. Perhaps it happens to bloggers, or perhaps it happens to just me…I do it in conversations too. All the same, there are some addendums that I would like to make to the Raid Leader post that I wrote yesterday. There is nothing like finishing a raid to realize just how important these extra tidbits are!


Here we are again; back at the basic part of raiding success and goals. I mentioned before some basics on how to approach the looting rules. Jaedia mentioned in comments however, something I had failed to include but is an excellent point. When you decide on your loot rules for a given raid, you need to state them. If you want one win for a main spec, but main spec is the spec you came as, then say it. Don’t let it come up at rolling that “this is just my off-spec _(insert spec)_ is really my MAIN spec…” That causes a lot more drama then you need to handle. These situations can be controlled early on by stating the rules, sticking to them, and telling them to leave if they don’t like it.

Address ALL situations. If you are doing TOC-25 and mention loot (MS/OS), trophies, and orbs, think about patterns too. Will they need to link their profession book? If they have an alt that has that profession, will they be able to roll? I know this from experience by a leader who ninja’d a leatherworking pattern though there was a leatherworker int he group and most of us had alts that would have loved to learn it but he wanted the $$$. Not fun and a founding part why the group fell apart.

Also, when it is time to roll for loot, DO NOT link every item that dropped in raid chat. This causes a lot of confusion and premature rolling, which in turn leads to “Hey, I already rolled a 100!” when you didn’t even ask for rolls. If they are interested in seeing drops off bosses, they can access that; if you need to link from chests, announce that no one is to roll. Clarify what is going on so people know when to roll and what they are rolling on.


It is important to state early on in the raid or while you are pitching for members just how far you want to go. If you want to do ALL 4 bosses in VOA, make sure your raid wants to do that as well. If you are only going for one boss, don’t get the hopes of everyone else up when you are just going to ditch them. If you want to do ICC 4/12 but someone assumes you are going all the way, they may be resentful and feel you wasted their saves. This causes a reputation tarnish for your raid leading and recruiting.

There is no need to lie if you are not sure; if you want to play it by ear, simply say, “As far as we can get…” there is nothing wrong with playing it safe and getting a feel for your group.

Full on _(insert class)_

There is a new fad taking the raiding scene where raid leaders will say “LFM DPS, full on DK, hunter, and warlocks” or something similar to that. Shy has already discussed the phenomenon, but it is very important to get a grasp on what it means. There is the liklihood of always having competition for gear. I was in a VOA25 where the leader (a DK) was the only one of his class but he pitched we were full on Death Knights and refused to invite any others. When you have one of a class in a 25-man, you can afford a few more.

If this weren’t a VOA-25 situation, do you think he would be in competition for standard gear that the fury warrior or ret paladin wanted? Sure he would.

It makes sense to have 1 of each class in a VOA raid, less the gear be wasted, it doesn’t make sense to call it full at 1. Using a class cap for raids isn’t something to be taken lightly.

The End

Aesthetically, I feel the heading is needed to break up the small paragraphs and illustrate that my additions have come to an end. I hope that situations where I forget information cease to exist in the future, but it is me after all. I hope these, in addition to the main post, help you and make you a stronger raid leader. I apologize again that I failed in such a manner but that post was a little long anyways!


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