Tuesday with Tarinae 6/7

By the time you read this, I will have already drug my butt out of bed and into work for my first week in a new position. Writing this in advance, I can tell you that I am a little really nervous and anxious about how my ideas will be receieved. I also will know…no one so it will be pretty lonely I guess too. Feeling so anxious, I decided that I needed a laugh or two. I have a few things to share that really are just off the wall, crazy, and mood-lightening!

Official Race Buttons

Okay, it is general rumor…I hope it isn’t real…but it sure is a rumor that Garrosh will lead the Horde through the Cataclysm. I gave this a lot of thought before putting it out there but this has been out since Blizzcon and if you follow Vrykerion, you had a great laugh the other day with it all. If Thrall were real, I would serve under him. He doesn’t go to war for the sake of war, he wants peace amongst the world, he doesn’t judge people (like DK’s), he listens to them. I could go on with just how awesome he is and I will proudly support my:

For all the other fun and the credit and the awesomeness that he is, check out the original post at Oddcraft!

*gasp* Another Youtube!

Okay, I know I have gotten a little Youtube video embedding crazy, I normally detest youtube anyways, but I can’t not share this. Rhidach apparently sounds like this across vent and to be honest when I watched it, I laughed the hardest I had laughed in a long time (no srsly I mean it) and I continued to laugh for 5 minutes or so. Even though it isn’t WoW related, it is video game related and awesome!


Wow, a whole 24 hours of downtime for a massive number of servers, mine (Shadow Council) is included. Now they are claiming that it is preparation for the new expansion, but I am skeptical. The moment the Breaking News went up on the login screen, trade chat was buzzing. People talking about the battelgrounds and the wait and the want for the expansion. I foresee a lot of QQ on Tuesday but I have a proposal: Send your friends to this blog and share the goodness (no, I am not above shameless self promotion :)).

Accomplishments this Week

This week’s weekly was Malygos! I have yet to do this with my mage, I was intent on doing it and I did it! I also did it as Retribution on my paladin! These ventures led me to a couple realizations:

  • My ret DPS is grotesque! I mean it hurt my soul it was so bad.
  • Denyin’ The Scion is really hard in my opinion.

Blizzcon ’10

Well, CONGRATULATIONS if you got tickets! To those of you who didn’t make it, that super sucks. I am right there, too. I wish I could afford the massively expensive tickets (I would need 2) and everything it takes to get there but I’m a poor college grad who is like 100k in debt or something *grumblessomethingabouteducation*. Twitter was abuzz this past week with people playing the F5 game and the loot giveaways and what nots. I have decided that even if I did have money, I wouldn’t know how to actually get a ticket; whether it be getting in queue or knowing how to be competitive, as it is a cut throat situation!

So, I am pretty sunburned and exhausted from being up super early and playing my heart out on my new computer…okay its like new as it was wiped and redone! I also had internet problems and didn’t get out the post I was really excited to write so keep an eye out for it this week!



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3 responses to “Tuesday with Tarinae 6/7

  1. Thanks for the link! (Again!)

    The Warchief Election Coverage is going to be a running feature over at OddCraft all summer. With debates, interviews, campaign ads and the like. 😀 I still haven’t worked out how we’ll actually do the election (which will be sometime before Cata comes out), but it should be fun.

    Nice to see some Thrall support out there, almost everyone thus far I’ve seen has been backing Basic Campfire (and I sit alone waving the flag for Garrosh). Luckily no one to my knowledge has gotten behind Deathwing or Richard Knaak as Warchief candidates. 😛

  2. Zal

    Awesomeness. Thrall was one of my main favourite things about being a Hordie, along with Cairne Bloodhoof and Tauren in general! He rocks 🙂
    And man, that youtube link. I sat through all of it, because like any good production, the first few minutes grabbed me, and I laughed my way through the whole thing. Amazing.
    Oh and if you want a hand with Ret dps feel free to give me a bell 🙂


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