I has favorites!

This week at Blog Azeroth the shared topic wants to know my favorites! Favorite anything. Favorite WOW stuff, favorite real stuff, favorite hobby stuff…just favorites! I was even going to go with a Sound of Music reference for my title, but I am pretty sure Six-Inch Heals has it covered :)!

All the same, with this being a WOW Blog (I should say Paladin lol) I figure you don’t want to know that my favorite band(s) is(are) Breaking Benjamin and Seether or that my favorite junk food is Chips and Salsa. I could have even told you that my favorite color is pink or my favorite books are Twilight and Harry Potter, but instead I decided to go WOW related.

I know that a lot of people instantly turn their music off and all ambient sounds. Some like their own playlist, some think it takes away from the play, but me, I love it. Sometimes I love it so much I hate being in Vent because I have to turn it down. So I thought I would share my…

Favorite WOW Sound Bytes

1. The Blood Elf Soundtrack

In this video it runs from 1:23-1:48 and OMG it is my most favorite soundbyte in the game! When you run across that bridge to Falconwing Square and that fanfare starts, I just feel so incredibly EPIC. It really is amazing!

2. Lament of the Highborne

I will stop everything when I hear this play. It is gorgeous and the translation is…awww.

3. Shadowfang Keep Instance

I really hope they keep this soundtrack. I love the music in this place and it is my favorite low-level instance. I cannot wait for Heroic!

4. The Devourer of Souls Script

YOU DARE LOOK UPON THE HOST OF SOULS! I SHALL DEVOUR YOU WHOLE! I said that so loud and so many times after the instance release. He has become my favorite 5-man boss!

5. XT Deconstructor in Ulduar Script

It is just so entertaining. And great for Ulduar noob hazing apparently! It even made its way into a pet version at the pet store!

There are a couple others that are tight forerunners for this list like the Howling Fjord & Grizzly Hills zone tracks (I even listen to the WotLK soundtrack!) but they just don’t top my fav 5 and I couldn’t think of 10 to make a countdown!

What are your favorite WOW sounds?



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5 responses to “I has favorites!

  1. The first time I took on Rotface I nearly broke my keyboard laughing at his aggro sound of “WHEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!:

    • I haven’t been that far but I will definitly be sure to have the speakers up and the Vent down 🙂

      Tried again today and not passed Saurfang again. Awww.


  2. I have to say that some of the ICC stuff is actually distracting to me. Vaguely techno does not belong in WoW. But Lament of the Highborne is awesome. I want to learn it.

  3. I will admit that I usually turn the music off when I play in favor of my iTunes library, but I almost feel bad about it because of how awesome most of the WoW music is.

  4. Lament of the Highborne is awesome, they should do more stuff like that in the game. 😛

    Aion has a song in it too from the daeva of songs. Dunno fi you guys have ever played aion but here’s the song (its pretty!):

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