Tuesday with Tarinae 6/1

Is it me or has it been a quiet week? I haven’t heard of anything new on Cataclysm and I haven’t heard anything new on 3.3.5; I haven’t heard much at all. So I will make this short sweet and simple. There is also one more reason for that, you see…I just got my computer back up and WOW installed and patched about 10 minutes ago. I just logged in and got my visual setting ungross so I am pretty excited to keep working on my computer. It really is like a brand new computer and those are always fun!

The Authenticator

Yeah, it is something you should have, and yeah I just downloaded and yes, I know I should have had it a long time ago. But here is the thing see, my iPhone has been reset once already by accident because syncing it to the computer screwed it up. I lost every app I had and I was afraid to get the mobile one. I have decided to unistall and reinstall the authenticator to my account when damage could be done to my phone. I don’t want to be locked out of my account for two weeks or something 😦 Anyways, I haven’t even had the chance to claim in my puppy yet, but I will!

Also, I have heard multiple rumors (non confirmed online) that Cataclysm Collector’s Edition will come with an authenticator fob, can anyone point me to any information on it? I have to admit, you guys know your way around the interwebz.

Site Tid-Bit

I scheduled a post and I got it to work so you should still be able to see this bit of (usually) goodness on time on Tuesday mornings while I am slaving away doing the grown up thing called work for 2 months at 8:30. I also will be able to pull back out of my screenshot folder, which I realized I had backed up and had access to this entire time at like…well 5 minutes ago. Sometimes, I just don’t have all my braincells working and I can’t believe the size of that facepalm moment.


I found this at NPC Comic in my reader and laughed until it hurt! ((I also gained Blogging Experience for embedding it!))

And with that, I bid you farewell. I’m sorry for the lack of sustenance and nutritional value in this serving of Tuesday but there is always…NEXT TIME!


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