Mark It Off

There has been something on my WOW Bucket List since its debut patch. Oh how I have tried many times and oh how many more times I watched my friends succeed, but never me.

But last week, it was the weekly and something extraordinary happened. Not only did we make it all the way, someone attributed it and complimented the healing team. We had 2 holy paladins and a holy priest in blues that had just hit 80. But I did it…we did it…

I can’t even begin to tell you just how EPIC that group was. They didn’t even bite my head off when I told them I didn’t know the last 2 fights! It was such an EPIC moment for me, falling through the floor to the icy water below and healing my butt off til that bug was dead!

It was an excellent pug that offered me something that I don’t usually find. Aside from skill and camaraderie (oh yes, very social), they offered appreciation.

I cannot begin to tell you how far telling your healers they’re doing a good job really goes. It provides them the confidence to work harder and better. It isn’t their fault when you DIAF and there is no need to blame them, thank them for keeping you alive the rest of the time.

We work hard, so I thank you Mr. Hunter-whose-name-I-forgot, you made my day!



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2 responses to “Mark It Off

  1. Grats! I remember how surprising and awesome it was the first time I was there and the floor broke. I had no idea it would happen.

  2. Congrats!

    Speaking as a healer, I completely agree with you. Having complimentary and encouraging feedback can make my day. Just one person saying “Nice heals!” or “Good job!” can outweigh any criticism I may get from others.

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