Preparing for Cataclysm

This week’s Shared Topic wonders what I am doing to get ready for Cataclysm.

I am indeed, getting ready for the Cataclysm. I have been doing a little “character housekeeping” and trying to figure out professions and what I really want. Let me just take a look at all of this and I will also use this as a chance to introduce the new characters that will come around!

Characters that Said Good-bye


She is potentially the fast level character I ever made as well as the highest level I have ever deleted at Level 48. She was rolled as a Soul Reaper for a HEAVY Bleach RP guild that was run by my boyfriend. She was a Blood Elf Warlock and Captain of Squad 9 – The Summoning Squad. She had the coolest RP outfit and the uniform was great. She even had an awesome mission for people who wanted to join her squad. It was AWESOME fun, but when the RP guild broke up because his computer exploded, almost literally, I couldn’t even stomach to look at her. Finally, I had the heart to give the guild away to a friend and say good-bye.


I kept her around as long as I could. I really do want to play a druid, but you tell me I can play a TROLL instead of a C OW and I am going to go for it! Selmala was a great tank, PVP’r, and scribe. She was a stand-alone cow and very awesome, minus the cow part. I was keeping her for PVP, her xp capped at Level 29 so I could also practice the tanking. But when I had the realization that she was just taking up space, and I wanted to Level again for Mankirk’s Wife before she D(again)IAF or something!

Introducing: The Newbies!

Oh, I am so excited for this! I love making new characters more than playing sometimes 😀


I am an Avatar fanatic. I saw the movie 3 times in theaters and bought it the day it came out on the halfsie DVD, I wish I lived on Pandora! Anyways, Neiytiri is a great character in the movie and a great name for my Troll Druid. She will be blue with “black” braids because she is that awesome. I am not EXTREMELY pleased with the current Troll cat forms, but oh well, she will be a bear for the most part…and I would have said tree but they don’t exist anymore.


OMG! CAN YOU SAY 5TH ELEMENT REFERENCE FOR A SHAMAN! HOW MUCH MORE PERFECT CAN YOU GET! And she is going to be totally cute, I just know it. And if you haven’t seen this movie, do it, it roxorz! I am very excited to not only play this new race but to have such an awesome reference for an awesome character. I even LOVE the goblin shaman totems!

Yeah, I have characters with those names already in play but they’re little trashy things I can get rid of though Neiytiri is a little money maker right now. The one character that will be around that has no name or personality right now is my Worgen Warlock. I am pretty set that that is the class she will be but I will get around to the rest when I can play with features I do believe.

The Last Leveler

Okay, so she is only Level 7, I have tried plenty of times to play both a rogue and an undead so I don’t know how far I will get but for the moment, I do want to play through it all again to make sure I have it all *taps chest then head* in my head and heart. I love the old world but am very excited for the new. *Gives Mankirk’s Wife a proper burial then runs away*


I have run into a problem though. I want to transfer my 71 S/Disc Priest to a different server but I still want a new priest on Shadow Council. I have a Level 8 I thought I would roll, but I can’t figure out if I want a Blood Elf or a Gnome. I will have 2 alliance at that point anyways…I could always change the 71 to a gnome on a new server? But I can’t delete him…hes a 450 herb/alch and thats an accomplishment for me lol.

Most of my preparation for this has been the fine tuning of the characters I want to play and the ones I want to make/delete. I have no idea what I want to do first. My boyfriend will roll a worgen and get his alliance sister guild off the ground…but Level 85 or worgen or….I just don’t know….

What are you going to do?



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3 responses to “Preparing for Cataclysm

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  2. Wulfy

    Personally I don’t need to any preparation because in the true spirit of Cataclysm I will likely be wiping all my be loved characters and starting over. I’ve even worked out how my current character’s ‘stories’ will end to make the process easier.

    So old chars out, new Goblin main, and probably several alts using the new combinations. I think a Troll Druid is awesome, and perhaps a Tauren Priest or somesuch (why the cow-hate? I LOVE the Tauren).

    Kudos on your character naming btw, I too appreciate a well-named character!

  3. paperclip

    Wow, a fifth element reference? That’s something you don’t see often. It happens to be one of my personal favorite movies.

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