Cataclysm & Me

I’m not feeling excessively creative or like padding what I am about to say in fancy words, I’ve come down with a horrible sore throat that has kept me awake all night. All the same, I have read  a lot of other bloggers putting this type of information out there and I thought that I should go ahead and do it as well. No better time to do it then when you are feeling blunt, right?

When it comes to Cataclysm, this is what you can expect to see:

  • Class changes (i.e. Paladin & Mage class previews)
  • Game Mechanics (including raid progression, badge changes, mastery, etc.)
  • Battle.Net changes (RealID, Facebook, etc.)
  • Profession Information (I just think it would be nice to be the realm first Extraordinaire or w/e it will be)
  • All information will be documented in the title as Cataclysm:__________ for your reading pleasure & safety

Things you wont see:

  • Lore Spoilers
  • Zone Screenshots
  • Quest Spoilers
  • Starting Zone information

I have opted into the Beta but have avoided anything that has the words “alpha leak” in it. Having had access to the WOTLK beta, I doubt I will be so lucky a second time so I will probably only be dumping here what Blizzard dumps in our lap on general game play.

In regards to Cataclysm, the only thing model wise that I REALLY WANT TO SEE or at least KNOW ABOUT is the Goblin Shaman Totems. The dwarven totems were leaked a few patches ago when orcs & trolls got their own totems, but I have not heard diddly squat on the goblins, so if you know anything, comment with a link or feel free to email me

So there you have it; what you will see, what you won’t see, and what I really want to see. I hope this helps reassure you when reading!



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3 responses to “Cataclysm & Me

  1. The Goblin Totems were on MMO-Champ a day or so ago. In one of the posts with all the screenshots, at the bottom.



      Those are totally absolutely AMAZING!!!!

      • I totally agree, when I first saw them after going through the model leaks, I loved how they fit in so much with the Goblin’s view of how things should work…

        The bellows on the fire totem and fan on the air totem are awesome.

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