Real ID & Openbook

What information about me will other players see when I use Real ID?

If you are using Real ID, your mutual Real ID friends, as well as their Real ID friends, will be able to see your first and last name (the name registered to the account). You will also be able to see the first and last name of your Real ID friends and their Real ID friends. Your account name (your email address) is not displayed to other players through the Real ID friends list. In addition, players with Real ID relationships will be able to view each other’s online status, Rich Presence information, and Broadcast messages, and will be able to see which character and game their Real ID friends are playing across supported Blizzard games.

Yeah, that is the blue text from the Real ID FAQ. This is a response to an outcry of the public wanting to talk to their friends across multiple servers/factions. Showing my first and last name is fine to people who I know, but why is it necessary to that random paladin I wanted to friend? Or that one guy I would never meet outside of game but he is a great player? I have Facebook for the people I want to see and talk to online. Hell, I even have a facebook group fully dedicated to my guild where I got to know the names and faces of several guildmates.

Running an extra client may boggle some systems but if talking cross lines like that is important to you, utilize programs like Ventrilo or Skype.

This concept is great in theory and a great idea, but the employment of it is hinky. I should be able to hide certain characters or log off/invisible when I want to solo play. Don’t deny it, you have hidden on alts too. But for them to know EVERY character, even that one I have never mentioned, not cool.

I think this is an innocent case of TMI but I am still anti-Real ID.

Suggestion: The Steam Client works wonderfully. I can run a game through the client allowing friends (mutually agreed upon) to see what game I am in but not what character, I can talk regardless of game, servers, factions, etc. and I can set a unique display name. Nowhere on the client is my first and last name needed or listed. I can also choose to log out of the client and play or stay online/available while not displaying that I am playing.

WTB Steam System for Real ID.

The action taking place on the battlefield is just one part of the StarCraft II experience — we’re also working to make sure that you can easily connect, communicate, and play with your friends. To help accomplish that, the new version of will offer integration with Facebook. This new functionality will start off by allowing you to quickly import Facebook friends into your friends list, and additional features will be added over time.

I can’t even begin to describe the things that are wrong with this. It is awesome that they turned the armory feed into an application and there are other apps like Hearthstone and I Play WoW; but linking facebook to breaks some hidden security rule of thumb. Recently, Facebook has opened up even more privacy issues with their personalization to sister sites likes Pandora radio. You can turn these off in settings but facebook is seriously getting as bad as myspace these days. Anyone and everyone AND THEIR MOM can have a facebook now. I don’t need my account to publish to my wall, I don’t need it to talk to my friends. For a very long time Facebook was its own entity and now it is everywhere and everything and that makes a dangerous combination.

It was said well today by @Kirinkouki when they referred to it as Openbook. When you have a facebook…your life is like an open book…even employers can check it before deciding to hire you.

If life weren’t so boring sometimes, I would suggest everyone delete them and forget about them and go back to paper pictures instead of mobile uploads; but so is the 21st century and we must live in it. Therefore, we must take our precautions and privacy seriously! They’re your accounts in whose hands?

PS. There are people in game I would rather see DIAF then find on facebook.
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6 responses to “Real ID & Openbook

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  2. Yeah, I’m not a fan of the Real ID thing and until I read this, I had no idea about the Openb…I mean, Facebook integration. No thanks, I pass. I have no desire to link my Facebook and WoW friends any more than they are now. I don’t want people knowing about my hidden alts, nor knowing my first AND last name. Knowing my first name is one things, but my full name? If Facebook gets any more annoying, I’m flirting with the idea of deleting my account.

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  5. Don’t deny it, you have hidden on alts too.

    Yeah, from my guild. Not from my girlfriend or best friend.

    why is it necessary to that random paladin I wanted to friend?

    It isn’t. Friend them normally, don’t Real ID them.

    • It is valid to say that I don’t have secret alts from my girlfriend and best friend, but the people who I *would* Real ID, I don’t need to. My boyfriend and I play in the same room and my best friend and I are more often than not same server/faction if not playing together.

      I am not against the idea or concept of Real ID, I have just chosen not to use it but if it works for some, it works.

      I hold strong that a system like Steam would have been more effective to what they are really trying to accomplish and wouldn’t have caused the controversy that this has with privacy issues.

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