Tuesday with Tarinae 5/3

Well, this started out as a boring week and ended with a bang! Not wanting to come across long winded, and it is lunch time and I am hungry, I will jump right into the srs bsns!

Blogging News

  • Search term fail! Okay, I really enjoy reading when other writers share the crazy search terms that land people on their blog. I don’t usually get any…ever. Most people are here from the result of two dominating factors; they want to know about healadin heirlooms/BOAs (if you are interested everything you need to know is in Part 1 of the Leveling Guide and there is a handy link over in the left sidebar!), they want to know about NeedtoKnow paladin utilization and I have a great addon analysis for it and other classes (maybe I will throw a fancy sidebar link too?). But recently, I have had two searching visitors that have caught my attention:
    • “Can tearing of the inside of the brain…” Well. All I can say to that is I am sorry you are having some medical problems but you definitely will not find anything helpful here or linked here for that matter (I thought about interesting a brain matter joke but I am not cruel).
    • “A Mage’s Tear” Yes, I admit it. I was blasphemous in posting about the mage preview, I love my mage, but this is in no way a mage blog or have I ever heard of such a blog name. Shoo and come back for paladin goodness.
  • I had strongly considered doing some link love for Children’s Week posts but yesterday, WOW.com did it for me. Myself, Cynwise, the Big Bear Butt Blogger, and Gauss have been linked for our achivie goodness. I would like to congratulate the authors! I know that some people have negative issues with being linked there but I hope that it initiaites good juju for your blog. Today, even though the link was yesterday, I have soared to a RECORD-BREAKING 1260+ page views. WOW! I cannot believe, that in my almost, OMG I JUST HIT 3 MONTHS!, I have been linked on wow.com twice! My application to write for them was why I started this blog, so in a way it is working to connect a circle!
  • With that said, hitting the three month marker is something that I have been waiting for! I can’t believe that it has come up this fast! I emplore the readers of this site to share with me their thoughts of the content over the last few months, share with me thoughts or topics you would like to see, etc. I love to hear from you guys!

Gaming News

I don’t know when it was released, but the Beta-Opt in is now avialable for Cataclysm. It is an interesting method they have chosen to go with this year though:

  • Login to battle.net
  • Go to Set up a beta profile
  • Download the opt-in application
  • Run a system hardware check
  • Send in this critical information

If you run any type of firewall, you will need to turn it off or allow this program to run; otherwise, it will encounter an error and send you to the support page. If you have turned off your firewall and still get the error, re-download the application and run anew. I felt this is necessary to share because I spent 15 minutes reading the support pages. I also wanted you all to feel secure when downloading a “WOW” program. After that, update your preferences if you have no desire for Diable or SC and there you go!

Good luck to all those opting in. My boyfriend was part of the WOTLK beta and it was enjoyable to see the beginning and live changes!

Musings of a VOA Raider

Okay, I am the guild master of a casual guild, so casual most people a taking pre-burnout break even. We had a lite raid schedule in which we were working on Ulduar, but now that has come to an end for the time being. I am back to pugging different things, mainly Vault of Archavon 10 & 25 for three different characters. a healer and 2 ranged DPS. Normally, these runs go as expected and I don’t QQ to much even though I would perfer to do all 4 bosses. However, I DETEST when people leave after Torovon. Yes, I know you have your frosties, and yes I know gear dropped and we have none of that class in the raid, but lest you forget you are running with at least 9 OTHER PEOPLE.

My rant here is simple. I have a retribution off-spec. I have been lucky enough lately to be the only paladin in 10 mans, I could use that extra 5 minutes of your time to hope those off-spec pants or gloves drop. Did you know there are some people who have been raiding VOA every week and due to other people’s impatience don’t have the Archavon or Emalon achievements? Yes, its true and I find it distasteful.

If you don’t have time to do AT LEAST 2 bosses, don’t go. You have all week, and if you have waited to the last minute, too bad. It isn’t fair to everyone else that you leave them high and dry, especially if you are a tank. If you know your guild run is in 10 minutes and it takes 12 to down Torovon, don’t QQ…it was your screw up, not ours.

Do I expect to do all 4 bosses every time? No. The gear on Archavon is 9/10 wasted, but some raiders need emblems, it is easy gold and…hellloooo…can you say MOUNT!?

Tidbits & Good-Bye

I don’t have much else to say, I don’t even have a cool screenshot dug up to share this week. But I leave you with the thoughts of Children’s Week and bid you good luck. Perhaps, you will be so lucky as to be able to share a happy ending like Rades!

Have fun this week. I am off to lunch and my Realm Status iPhone app just pushed that Shadow Council was up! Check your servers and good playing!



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3 responses to “Tuesday with Tarinae 5/3

  1. Thanks for the link love! I agree with VoA, especially on 25-man. Kora still drops some very nice stuff on 25, and even on 10-man it’s often useful. I will always join for Toravon, but stay as long as everyone else wants to. I am also convinced the mount is merely a myth and does not truly exist.

  2. Zal

    A Mage’s Tear. Someone has to grab that.

    And VOA, I don’t even go to it. Lady RNG is one cruel mistress.

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