The 1-10 Paladin

I know I have been running horribly behind, and I have promised to have this done by now but alas…without further ado…last week’s shared topic and this week’s addition to the leveling guide!


It is said that in World of Warcraft, 70% of accounts don’t make it past Level 10. Given that there are 11 million players, that is a pretty high number. Because of these statistics, Guthammer has suggested the Shared Topic of the leveling 1-10 experience.

I decided that this was a good time to level Tiny Tar, over in Single Abstract Noun. This is a paladin blog so why not do a paladin baby guide? Typically, I am FOR THE HORDE, but Tiny Tar is on Argent Dawn-US and is therefore alliance, so…oh, well!

First things first; rolling your character! There are 3 options on the alliance side for paladins and one horde, this variety gives you the chance to create your paladin with the thought of racials and roles in mind! The first time you log into your character, your abilities are already provided on your action bars. The racial ability is #4:

Starting Action bars w/racials

Each racial has a different bonus they can bring to the type of paladin you essentially want to be. A Blood Elf paladin has Arcane Torrent allowing for that mana boost most paladins (especially healadins) can always use. Draeni paladins have Gift of the Naaru which is spectacular for the holy paladin given that it scales with level! The human paladin has Every Man for Himself which is a great pvp buff that allows you to maximize the use of other trinkets; and the dwarf paladin gets Stoneform to remove diseases and whatnots; this ability makes it a great solo-questing choice and/or tanking choice. Dwarves also get an ability called Find Treasure that can be removed from the action bar as you can activate it in the mini map!

After choosing the race, roll the character with a name, enter the world (feel free to re-roll as many times as you need. My record is 12). Like I said, this will be using the Draeni starting area and race to level to 10, but general leveling rules, tactics, and training apply almost 100% across the board if not 100%.

Level 1

Start off by accepting the quest “You Survived!”, if you are a lore junkie, read the quest lines here, they are pretty neat! This will direct you towards the camp/crash site which will serve as the first questing hub. There are several things to note about a level 1 paladin:

  • When starting the quests, pick them ALL UP at the SAME TIME. This will expedite your adventures in a reasonable manner by eliminating travel.
  • Leveling a paladin is boring. Put your Seal of Righteousness up for 30 minutes and just auto-attack. Yawn. Auto-attack some more.
  • It it trainable at Level 1 but I doubt you have any money so train Devotion Aura at Level 2. You gain +55 Armor!

Also, a general rule of thumb is that if you come across any armor drops, wear them. Even if it is a cloth Frayed Robe, you start out only wearing a shirt!

All other levels behind the cut for length!

Level 2 & 3

Relatively boring levels, you gain your go see your trainer quest which results in easy experience. Every class will have this available at Level 2. There are two quests that, since the last couple of patches, have becoming excessively easy at these levels for Draeni, “What Must Be Done” and “Inoculation“. Prior to a few patches, you had to battle red/hostile targets to get the objective complete. This could mean pulling unneeded mobs, pulling too many, etc. However, everything in the Level 1-5 starting zones are now yellow/neutral, allowing you to run a muck completing your objectives with minimal work.

When turning in the quest “Inoculation” as a leveling Paladin you will benefit more by taking the Elixir of Lion’s Strength as a reward.

Level 4

Training Costs: 1 silver 90 copper

Trained: Judgement (of Light) & Blessing of Might

Blessing of Might is a 10 minute buff that you will want to make sure is active on yourself at all times. BUT OMGANEWATTACKWHAT?! Judgement is your first sense of paladin attacks. Judgement has a range of 10 yards and does a decent amount of damage while markingthe target with a debuff that heals you. The downfall, it also has a 10-second cooldown, but still makes for a great opening attack.

At this level, you will gain a quest to find a missing scout. He has located across the river and if you have yet to find an injured Draeni, there are tons lining the path to the scout. After finding the scout he will provide 2 chained quests. The first to kill Blood Elf Scouts. These mobs used to be red and deadly, now however you can run around them, taunt them, poke them, and in the end kill them with ease. After that, you must find and kill the Blood Elf Spy Surveyor Candress before returning to the crash site. The trek up the mountain to her no longer requires tactic so march up, complete the objective, and loot an item that starts a quest!

Head back to the Crash Site, finish up some business before heading to Azure Watch at…

Level 5

Tiny Tar @ Level 5 (Uncommon Weapon)

Okay, well she looked the same as she did at Level 5 and is using a Training Sword available at Level 5!

At this point in a youngling’s life, you want to chose your professions. If you go the path of gathering professions such as mining, herbalism, or skinning, you will want to start leveling them as soon as possible so that they level as you do. With that done, simply train the professions (some are not available at the site including skinning, Leatherworking, and Jewelcrafting), buy the supplies, train up any secondary skills like first aid and cooking and start the questing.

This is also an excellent time to check your mailbox for any heirlooms and/or pets if you have not and are a veteran player!

Whether or not  you choose to cook, there is a quest that will reward Recipe: Roasted Moongraze Tenderloin. If you don’t want to cook/learn the recipe, it fetches a pretty penny on the Auction House!

As a paladin you will also want to consume 1 Elixir of Lion’s Strength that you may have received previously, to quest here. There is a lot of traveling to do here along with exploring and questing!

Level 6 & 7

Training Costs @ Level 6: 1 silver 90 copper

Trained@ Level 6: Holy Light (Rank 2) & Divine Protection

This level doesn’t alter your playing style really. You have a stonger heal and OMGYOURFIRSTBUBBLE! Divine Protection serves to cut the damage in half while marking you with Forbearance. Unlike TBC days though, the spell has a really cool effect! These quests are easy in description and begin to send you further out into the zone.

Level 8

Training Costs: 2 silver 70 copper

Trained: Parry (Passive), Purify & Hammer of Justice

You can now cleanse yourself of posion and disease while stunning your enemy target! Yay!

This questing period takes you to the south part of the island to a hub called Odesyus’ Landing. A Stormwind ship has needed to bank harbor due to stowaway enemies! You will fight nagas on the southwest shore, goblins on the southeast, and reclaim the ancient relics the nagas are harming. You will also work with the captain to build a clever disguise that will lead you on a quest Tree’s Company into…

Level 9

You will be asked to hide out as tree to reveal a traitor in the midst of the crew. It will send you all the way to a remote island that is not connected to the main zone. When you hit Traitor’s Cove and complete the quest, you will want to climb the hill and stay on this island for 2 other quests (it is a long walk after all). Quest 1 is on the west side and will need you to speak to a Nigth Elf on a dock named Cowlen. He will ask you to fight the owlkin to retrieve the remains of his family. Quest 2 on the North side is an escort quest for a night elf girl, suggest 2 players. However, performing this quest was simple at Level 9 and I received no more than 1 mob at a time. The most annoying part was her speed. The objective is to escort through the forest and owlkin to her house then to the dock…no lore spoilers here!

Click to big-ify!

After completeing these quests, and returning to the landing, you will be sent out for one more journey to kill the Warlord Naga. It is possible to Ding 10 while completeing this quest but by jumping down the center hole, directly to him then hearthing out (I don’t like to kill my way through caves) or if someone ahs already cleared the way for you, you will need to return and turn the quest in then make your way back to Azure Watch. At that point you will see…


Level 10

Training Cost: 8 silver 10 copper

Trained: Lay on Hands, Devotion Aura (Rank 2) & Hand of Protection

Congratulations! You have made it! I’m sure your questing adventure will be quite different from mine with variants like rested experience or even heirlooms but it will work out relatively the same. There is a quest hub up to the north where, after learning to speak fublog you can do, but I never made it up there. If you are still searching for the skinner/leatherworking trainer, you will need to speak to them when you can!

Upon that final ding the Exarch Menelaus will provide you with a new quest, “Coming of Age”. This will send you to the doors of the Exodar and is your first missive to a new land…Bloodmyst Isle.

Extra Tidbits!

As a veteran player, the leveling phase can be monotous. I can’t count the times I have started a draeni on my fingers and toes. So there are a couple things you can do to spiece it all up.

First, you can venture your little space-gaot butt all the way to Stormwind and visit the barber shop! I love my pony tails!

Furthermore, when all else fails…you can do Levels 1-5…SHIRTLESS!

Yes, I'm srs!

Good luck!

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3 responses to “The 1-10 Paladin

  1. “As a veteran player, the leveling phase can be monotous.”

    True, but something I find that helps is to read the quest text. Seriously! Especially in Azuremyst and Eversong Woods, there are some very engaging storylines if you choose to read the quest texts. Makes leveling a lot more entertaining imo. 😀

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  3. having done it the hard way, i am now doing it the easy way. BoA gear FTW. nothing stands in your way. seriously. where i used to die, i can now laugh in their face.

    if you think its cos the mobs have turned soft, i assure u they havent. cos i have a L15 druid doing it the hard way cos he is on a server without a L80 toon to help him get BoA gear. he has to be very careful around mobs.

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