Tuesday with Tarinae 4/27

Another Tuesday, another downtime, and it is still raining; today is pleading with me to get back into bed! I once again thank you for joining me this not-so-lovely Tuesday, it is always a pleasure to be blessed with your reading eyes! I do have some unfortunate new though, this Tuesday just will not be that epic. I haven’t got a lot of play or blogging time logged this week due to massive storms, being sick, and being dreadfully busy. But for those interested in the blog update, I do have several things I am looking at!

Blogging News

  • Due to a hectic weekend, I wasn’t able to finish my Shared Topic post of Leveling 1-10. I am using Tiny Tar and to re-do levels 1-5 I made a Lilleveler just so I can take notes on the training, the experience, the quests etc. Essentially, I got Levels 1-7 finished before leaving for work that fateful day and have since not been able to log in but I promise to finish it! You will even find a handy link on the left sidebar *points* for it when it is complete!
  • For more reasons than one this time, I am the last to know about the raiding/badge/everything else update. I can’t even provide appropriate link love as my reader cup has fillithed overeth. With that being said, I will provide some of the posts I know are out there on it but I do apologize because I know there are a lot more!
  • Also, to any bloggers, do you know if TNWiki blog list is still being updated? I have sent in a please add me email twice to no avail.
  • There were also A LOT of bloggers that recycled posts on April 22 for Earth Day! Zelmaru has a rounded them all up!

And now…The Cataclysm News!

I hope to throw in my own thoughts on all of this when I have had a moment to sort and digest it all. But for someone who may not have heard, those links should help!

A tale of 2 Alts

Blogging consists of a lot of experience sharing. This past week I got my raiding done quick. 3 VOA 10, 25 and weeklies. But my soul died a long the way; let me share what happened:

VOA 10 worked out for both Tarinae and Cassela (the mage). Cassela got T10 gloves which gave her the 2 piece bonus and Tarinae got T10 pants which could give her the bonus. It worked out great even though Chakae (the hunter) got the short end of the stick. But then it was time to do 25-man. Cassela ventured in and walked out with nothing more than a lock out. But then it was Chakae’s turn! Dropping Torovon resulted in the Wratful PVP pants she already had heaven-forbid HEALADIN T10.5! Oh the pain of watching that go to an off-spec paladin, I need a band-aid. But then, as if to add insult to injury, Tarinae heads in. Know what Torovon dropped? TWO (Yes a DUPLICATE DROP) of MAGE T10.5 PANTS! There was 1 mage.

I will never be seeing those drops again! -.-

On the upside, in the past two weeks, Cassela has gained Bloodmage shoulders and gloves (T10), T9 pants, pair Lady Deathwhisper glove drop and the Shriveled Heart. These changes also allowed her to save emblems buying new shoulders (for hit) as well as using a blue offhand when wielding the Frost Needle!

Screenshot or it didn’t happen!

ITS OVER 9000!

Yes, it says 9990.9 for DPS!

You will have to click the image to get the large version enough to see the recount numbers! And yes, I know my UI sucks lol.

Other Games

I don’t play many different games aside from WoW, but I do play Dungeons & Dragons 3.0. In our current campaign, Dark Deities, I play a custom race called Phoenix-touched.  I was specifically chosen by Pelor to be the symbol of hope for our world. It is a high-powered game and most of us don’t play regular characters. It really is just awesome. My boyfriend is the GM and this is currently version 2.4. All the same, I am pretty excited! We drew from the Deck of Many Things last night and here is what I got:

  • Gain 50,000 Experience and a medium wondrous item!
  • Defeat your next opponent and gain a level!
  • 1D4 Wishes (I rolled a 4!)

When this is all said an done, I could go from Level 1 to ~class Level 7! This is just AWESOME!

But with all that said, it is time for me to part ways. I wish you all the best of luck in game this week, encourage you to come back, and hope your server downtime doesn’t wipe you!



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  1. Windsoar

    Poneria @ Fel Concentration does the updates for the TNB Wiki. Poke her on twitter or BA if you’re having an issue getting added.

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