Tuesday with Tarinae 4/20

Hello dear readers! I hope you are having a fine day on this day of maintainence downtime and am thrilled you stopped by to spend it with me! I have been considering a “weekly column” type thing for a while now; in a recent post I put out an outcry for reader input and together we agreed this would rock. Be prepared to see a hodge-podge of wow goodness from musings to link love to screenshots to achievements/goals and gear! I have given a lot of thought to the “deisgn” these posts will follow but in the dark recesses of my brain, it is still under construction! So…moving onto to my first Tuesday with Tarinae…!

Paladining is Srs Bsns

Last week (April 14) the paladins finally got their class review. There was a lot of bustle around the blog world to get those posts out that include our thoughts and analysis of the changes. Some people received the information well, others didn’t. For all of you who have yet to have your paladin fill, I share with you the thoughts of other bloggers:

  • Rhidach has a lot of questions on the changes
  • Khraden thinks it is about damn time
  • Codi believes the changes are gimmicky overall
  • Ferarro offers a full reaction recount with ratings
  • Zal believes that Blizzard has finally listened
  • Rudy seems a little disappointed & iffy

I know there are a lot more than that, of course you can’t find anything you want when you need it. But I have a lot of other paladin links to share (still preview related)! Still being new to the community, I am teh suck at blue posts. I am always the last to know. So instead of trying to find these on my own, I am going to spread the love and work of these guys!

That is all of my paladin sharing! I am all shared out!


I would like to send a few announcements across the blogging world. First a very belated “Happy Bolgiversary” to Ophelie! Congratulations on making the year marker! I would also like to say welcome back our favorite crankyZelmaru! It is good to see you back up and writing!

Musings of the WoW Player

  • The Starpony: I cannot believe the sheer reaction this little thing created. To some you might have well torn their hearts out and fed it to a hungry tiger or something! The uproar this beautiful mount (I am not screenshotting it because there are enough floating around I am sure you have seen it) created is just amazing. Some people loved it, the last numbers I heard was that Blizzard had made around 10 MILLION dollars within the first 12 hours or something like that. Then there are the other people who feel this is not a rip off but a worthless attempt to replace gearscore/epeen. The mount costs $25 and is BOA to all your toons. I believe it even scales with your flying speed (i.e if you have a 310 it is 310). This type of thing is real money for in-game stuff, but mounts/pets are of no real detriment and it comes from the most credible source in the game. However, if I wanted to spend more money than I already do, I would probably have a Baby XT or a race change with Cataclysm. I support those who love their sparkle-ponies. By the way, Zal covers the whole of the mount changes from the blizzchat, too!
  • As much as I am a cheap skate in life, so too am I in game. This is a brief moment to QQ about the price of primordial saronite. I broke down and spent 69 Frost Emblems and 3K gold for them, but it took my soul with it!
  • The Burn-Out: At the current point in time, I see a lot of people fighting this. A lot of bloggers are taking breaks, a lot of my friends are taking breaks, a lot of people are struggling. My pro-tip: Remember what it is about the game that you love. If raiding has you weighed down and is sucking the life out of you when you really love leveling, find another server, make that alt, and do what makes the game fun again. My second pro-tip: Don’t struggle against the burn out. If you need a break, take it before you end up hating the game.

Image by Keeva

  • As a wow player with a lot of stuff, I love bank alts. There are a lot of posts in the world dedicated to making your bank alt look as fashionable as possible. Jaedia even provides a fashion guide to bank alt style. I am pretty fond of my bank alt. She has a unique style and an outfit for almost every holiday. I am sure had I had the patience she could have been “the Noble” at Level 2! I am fond of getting her achievements and playing dress up with the in-game events. I have been crazy boggled down over the weekend and didn’t get all my imaging finished but this is a promise to throw up the images as soon as I can finish SSing them (yeah, I know, Epic Fail!). Besides, that just gives you a reason to come back, right?
  • Blogging muse? I am sick of the spammers telling me their girlfriend of 2 years has broken up with them. “Well my girl friend just broke up with me…so thought this would be a great place to start spreding her pics like she did her legs.” I suggest you find somewhere else to do it cause you’re not making it through my spam filter.


This if from the arsenal I call my screenshot folder. It isn’t new but it is neat!

Turns into…

Thanks for spending your Tuesday with me! Be on the look out for a Leveling 1-10 guide for the BAST this week & other hot topics!



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6 responses to “Tuesday with Tarinae 4/20

  1. Ooh, nice idea! I like how varied the topics you discuss are 🙂

  2. A lot of good info gathered. See? It was a good idea!

    The pony controversy is silly, for sure. The actual mount changes I hadn’t had time to dig up myself. I’m glad I clicked through and picked up something new!

    p.s. very cool screenshot. Love the coordination of it 🙂

    • Thanks 🙂 I had a lot of fun writing it. I only wish I had had my bank alt images. I thought I at least had one!

      I would really enjoy the mount changes. Assuming my mage ever gets the violet proto drake or another 310%…I really want to continue to ride my flying carpets. And I am kind of tired of looking at the violet proto drake lol

      I’m glad you like the screenshot. I wish I could say it was coordination through extreme /s chats or even vent but in all honesty, it was 110% random 🙂

  3. I like the screenshots! It must have been hard to get the wings coordinated.

  4. Zal

    Awesome stuff. Thankies for the links! And it made me chuckle. I throw out a few of those Exgirlfriend things most days, WordPress is good at catching them. I wonder if I would get a response if I just let it through, edited out the link and responded along the lines of ‘That’s a despicable thing to do, I’m handing your IP address over to the police as we speak!’ but you can’t annoy Bots sadly. :p

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