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This week’s shared topic is from Anea. She wants to know what kind of bloggers we let our comments make us; could we be better bloggers without comments?

On this blog, on my personal blog, and on past blogs, comments have meant everything to me. They serve one purpose; they show that we have an interactive audience, a reader base. If we didn’t have this fan base (if you will), we wouldn’t be blogging, we would be writing a journal…a diary even. But having two different types of blogs requires two different types of analysis for this question.

In a personal blog, and most of us have them, it does serve the purpose as a journal. A document and testament of our lives as we grow, something unlike a paper journal that will stick around for centuries. It will be readable by our children’s children’s children. But we just write what comes to mind, about whatever is on our mind. Most of us rant, talk about our hobbies (weight loss, fashion, sex, etc.); some of us use poetry and fiction to document a mood. But there we are pouring our soul into a post knowing someone will read it, but you don’t care because you feel better. You enjoy comments because they allow someone to say “I’ve been there” or “I’m here for you” or “OMG you’re an awesome friend”. They can be character building. They can be ego boosting. The can be tear-jerkers. And yes…they can be detrimental. Much like trolls across forums, if you allow anonymous comments on that personal blog of yours, people will troll it too. You can be hurt by them, you can cry over them; these aren’t slandering your opinions on a game…these are degrading who you are.

So comments on a personal blog: Give or take. I write for myself and it is nice to know people care, but its okay not to have them.

However, the reason this question was created was because we are WOW bloggers. We all write about a common factor. Regardless of topic or focus, it is still about WOW. We all have different reasons for blogging but generally it is to share our thoughts, opinions, and experiences in the game in an outside community. Most of us highly publicize these. We rave about new posts on twitter, join programs and forums like Blog Azeroth or SAN, some of us would even post links on the armory if we could. Comments help guide us. They give us direction and encouragement we need to keep going.

I don’t get many comments, I haven’t quite broke 100 in almost 3 months, but I would love to. I love knowing what my readers think. If I am a crappy writer, perhaps I shouldn’t apply for again (PS. Thankfully, no one has said this :)). If I have errors or links don’t work, I want to know about it. If my post was moving enough for someone to let me know they agree/disagree, I would love to hear about it. I blog to share experiences, I encourage people to share theirs with me in comments. I stand to learn a lot about different things from comments. They don’t change what I write about per-say, rather they give shape, definition, and purpose to future writing. After all, comments are criticism (and usually constructive at that)…and as a writer (or any kind of artist), you have to be willing to take it. I have enjoyed getting to know readers of this blog. I have enjoyed watching the reader base grow. I welcome their interaction with me.

So comments on a WOW Blog: I would go so far as to say necessary, in my honest opinion.

Given light on the comment nature of this blog, I would like to take the time to pose a question to readers. I am considering a Tuesday “column” so to say. I want it to serve as a hash up of all things wow. It will include link love for the past week, goals and/or experiences, news that is supposed to be dropping (ie. Paladin preview date change!), achievements, screenshots…overall just a random “musings” post for the week. I was considering calling it “Tuesday Thoughts” or “Tuesday Musings” or something. So I am asking for your input. I figure most of us will be down Tuesday mornings (EVERY Tuesday the closer we get to Cataclysm) and I would like to post and like to network to other sites for more reads and share some other fun WOW things.



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9 responses to “Comment Love

  1. I say go with “Tuesdays with Tarinae”, kinda keeps the “T” theme going. Or maybe “Tarinae’s Tuesday Tirade”

    I absolutely agree with you on the stance of WoW blogging, and the “audience” that we all share. The fact that we all have the same subject in mind, and leave the comments section open, shows that we are willing ot take that criticism or comment.

    I have hit 50 comments so far in about a month (that includes my own comments in reply). And I hope to get just as many further down the line. I personally enjoy seeing comments come in, and also really like replying to all of them if I can.

  2. Windsoar

    I love condensed versions of people’s link around the web or general news. I’m often terribly bad about scrolling through good content because I’ve got a back-log to read.

    And back to your article, I wouldn’t ever have a personal blog for the very reasons listed. I’m an intensely private individual, and having random people being able to read my material, much less comment on it, would have me sick to my stomach.

    However, WoW’s a whole ‘nother ball-game, and because it’s a community endeavor (to me) I want all the cross pollination I can get!

  3. Comments are essential for keeping the dialog going. It’s the purpose of a blog, to share your opinions and more importantly, open discussions on them with others with similar interests.

    I recently have started trying to make more comments. I’ve browsed through many MANY blogs, before, and especially now after starting my own. It’s the importance of comments and dialog that made me resolve to speak my opinion on others thoughts. Otherwise, we’re just shouting into the ocean.

    So as former lurking visitor, first time commenter, I say to you, hi there! I like what you’re doing here.

    Weekly musings are a good idea. I try to keep a weekly ‘feature’ deadline so I keep posting things, even though mine is a bit frivolous (it’s all about dressing up in WoW). The ‘deadline’ sense of it is useful, and for your idea, the gathering of other sites and networking for interesting weekly tidbits is good for keeping people connected.

    • *waves* Hi! I’m glad you decided to comment! It was also a break through comment being the big #100 0:)

      I love your dress up posts. My bank probably has more clothes than useful things in it atm πŸ™‚ We also have guild halloween parties with costume contests and you have some great ideas /steals πŸ™‚

      I really enjoy some of the link posts I see like Reader Round-up, Link Love, etc. Then the Screenshot Sunday and different things. I also know Tuesday to be a popular day so I hope this “column” will make it fun and exciting πŸ™‚

  4. Zal

    I like the ‘Tuesdays with Tarinae’ too! Summary posts are nice, a good reference point.
    I tend to remember with writing a blog that an awful lot of people (myself included, a lot of the time) will be reading the blogs whilst busy, or occupied, and they may agree with your point to the extent that there’s nothing much more they could add in a comment, or have similar reasons for their silence. Doesn’t mean they don’t still very much appreciate what you do and check back every day for more Tarinae goodness. πŸ˜€
    You’re also a very decent writer, in my opinion. πŸ™‚

    • /blush Thanks Zal! I really appreciate the kind words πŸ˜‰

      Thats a good point too. Something I should probably remember being a blog reader myself hehe.

      I am also glad to keep you entertained /flex πŸ˜€

  5. I think a weekly column would certainly be a good idea. Especially Tuesdays (always post on Tuesdays, right?)

    I’ll try not to write too much here about my thoughts, since I do want to make a post of my own about it, but: dialogue is very important between WoW bloggers – I agree!

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