Massive Multiplayer–Not so much

I am in a pickle right now. In a rut and perpetual state of confusion and/or loneliness. I have played World of Warcraft for two and a half years; in that time, I have made some great friends & have a great time with real friends in a virtual world. The problem? Everyone I enjoy playing with seems to have STOPPED playing all at once. There are varying reasons for this occurrence but all the same, there it is. Where does that leave me?

Trying to Hold a Guild Together

Would you like to know how hard this is right now? My SECOND SEAT/CO-GM (who also happens to be my boyfriend) is taking a break. 50% of my officers are taking full deactivated account breaks (see Bear Bomb’s new post), another 2 officers are struggling to log on. This leaves me with 1 officer, he is spectacular. He does everything he is supposed to but the structure here is falling apart. If it weren’t for Barreb, I would probably crumble. I have held this guild together through a lot and we have had our moments of rising from the ashes (did you see what I did there?), but my player base…my foundation is disappearing. We are over two years old, I created <Age of the Phoenix> when I was Level 40 and we have had it all. Our current motto, I hope, should carry us through this difficult time:

The wings of the Phoenix will always carry you to blue skies.

Playing Alone

When you play with people ALL the time, I suppose it is reasonable to want to get on and do your own thing. It isn’t something you want to do all the time necessarily. I enjoyed (legitmately) playing with my boyfriend, my best friend (who is only waiting on computer repairs), my nephews, etc. I get on these days to see an empty friends list and typically, an empty guild & it is disheartening. I know that with my job, even though it doesn’t take up a lot of time, sometimes puts me a in “ijustwannawatchtvgoaway” mood, but when I get on and end up alone, it doesn’t make me want to play either.


We had a good raid team established. We were moving through Ulduar (we were a little slow starting) and we had plans to move into TOC shortly. This was a carefully made decision to be able to offer our players end-game content in the most relax environment. We were little achievement whores & screenshot takers. We were progressing. Then my main tank needed a break, my main raid healer, my other tank had surgery and couldn’t play, then my other tank and tank healer needed breaks for their real lives, then my other healer just disappeared. Even my best ranged DPS (Allexant) had his account devastated and has temporarily (I hope) quite playing. There is my raid team in a nut shell…gone.

My friends/guildmates after our first Kologarn kill.

I miss the old days. I had a great balance between school and wow, I am sure I would have developed one for work too. Sure, wow was typically the only thing my boyfriend and I did most nights, but it isn’t like we had that much money to party hardy but we still had fun. This post probably doesn’t illustrate much of my emotions, but it really is disheartening. I get taking a break, fighting the burnout, etc. The part that kills me here…it all happened at once. It wasn’t just my boyfriend but I could still play with my nephews and bestie and Luxul and Voshten, and my guild, etc…it was BAM…and everyone is gone.

This isn’t a rant post or a QQ. I graduated with a BA in Sociology and my sub-focus is social interactions; my senior thesis was even on the social benefits of MMOs. This is a recount simply of how social the game can be; how integral people are to this game. You could call it an educated reflection.



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6 responses to “Massive Multiplayer–Not so much

  1. 😦 *hug*
    I had my friend list and guild slowly whittle away a while ago and it was horrible, I know how you feel to the point that I’m transferring my main to a server I feel more comfortable on. Sounds like you’ll be okay after a while though 🙂

  2. I totally understand. I had played for a good while with a bunch of friends from work. Even moved my character over to their server to play along with them, but then, one had to leave for financial reasons, and then the rest slowly whittled away. One simply because he was done, and didn’t want to play anymore, the others moved to another server with family, it got kind of lonely. I’ve since been a loner finding a small corner in a couple of guilds.

    Plus not being able to get on as often with two kids, and keeping myself family focused has changed things as well. Doesn’t seem as bad, but still afraid that one day I’ll come back and be kicked out of another guild for inactivity.

  3. Raiding is going through some harsh times at the moment. I’ve seen it everywhere I look with people either recruiting heavily or disbanding. I really feel for you – it’s tough when it starts to happen to something you’ve sunk so much time into.

    The only thing I can say is that it’s cyclical. It was like this when Burning Crusade came out, and it’ll be like this in the twilight of Cataclysm. People come, people go. People push hard, people take breaks.

    The only thing I can suggest is hanging on in there. When Cataclysm draws closer and people start coming back, be there for them again. For now it’s just a waiting game.

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  5. when i got on the other day i spoted several guilds that wouldn’t let anyone in recruiting so it must mean wow is dying down, but i see everyone flocking back when cata. comes out!

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