3.3.3 Addendum

Getting into play after a patch is much more beneficial than simply reading the patch notes and mentally noting changes. I would like to throw out some new and interesting information I have gathered, as well as a few links about other class changes I didn’t note (mainly because I didn’t know what they were)!


I mentioned in my 3.3.3 Review that Marks of Honor for battlegrounds were gone. That still rings true but converting the ones you already have into honor stills rests on your shoulders. After speaking to Cynwise to verify my calculations, I have a tip to offer. The repeatable turn in “For Great Honor” is still available and requires you to turn in 1 Mark from each battleground (WSG, AB, AV, Eye of Eternity, Strand of the Ancients, and Isle of Conquest). If you happen to have all 6 of these, turn them in via quest NOT commendations. Why? Because the per mark honor value via quest is much greater.

“For Great Honor” will award 248.2 honor per mark for a total of 1489 honor. Unlike the quest, the commendations only offer 185 honor per conversion. This being said, turn in the quest until you run out of an objective mark. Cynwise talks a little more in depth about how Marks of Honor…Suck Even More in 3.3.3 than I probably ever could but its a heads up if you didn’t know!


If you are not a tailor, this pattern is not available to you but I had to squee at the Frosty Flying Carpet!

I would also like to throw in that between removed CDs/locations to make cloth & buying crusader orbs with Frozen Orbs, I can now wear [Merlin’s Robe] on my mage! Another squee moment for her!

Other 3.3.3 Links

  • MoodyDK discusses the Icy Touch buffs and what it means for the tanking experience.
  • Lissanna has Fun with Starfall and its amazing buff!
  • I Like Bubbles offers notes on 3.3.3 for all classes and offers interpretation for the bubbly kind!
  • Miss Medicina asks the priesty kind…To bonus, or Not to Bonus…that is the question.

I’m sure lots more posts exist on the hooplah of 3.3.3 but having only come to the community a little over a month ago, my reader is still growing!

Enjoy the patch!


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