Rest, Relaxation, and Awe

I have been working to set my mage up on a set ICC10 schedule (sadly they don’t have a healer spot atm). I have been working diligently on Tarinae’s Frost Emblems to get her first piece of T10. Raids and heroics…Raids and heroics…it seems that sometimes that becomes the grind of Wow. Sometimes, you have to break away from it; sometimes, you need to relax. Blizzard has given some great things to help you relax; you can point out all the fun pop culture references or fly around and enjoy the scenery. Some of the sheer detail is enough to amaze you.

In light of this week’s Blog Azeroth Shared Topic, I want to share a few screenshots with you that awe me and help me remember why I have played for two years. I lost a lot when my hard drive crashed but some of the best ones remain!

A Loch Modan Sunset

Sunrise in Silverpine

Nagrand at nightfall

Garadar, Nagrand

I had previous shots of Hellfire, Sholazar, and others but these are some of my all time favorites. When you find that you are getting frustrated with the game, remember to breathe and take in the beauty around you.



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7 responses to “Rest, Relaxation, and Awe

  1. Beautiful 🙂 The sunsets and sunrises in the game are magical, aren’t they 😉

  2. There’s another good spot in Loch Modan: if you have a character with Slow Fall (Priest or Mage), you can wait until it’s night and jump off the Dam. Look back while falling down. It’s a really, really cool view depending on your angle, and I wish I had taken a screenshot the first time I did it.

    That said, of course, you’ve posted some gorgeous pics there. That sunrise in Silverpine makes the place look -good-! =)

    I wonder how you made Hellfire Peninsula look good, though. Can you put that screenshot up, too?

    • If I still had it, I definitely would put it up but it went bye bye with the hard drive 😦 As far as making Hellfire look nice, this was an astronomical style picture; I used it for a desktop wallpaper for a while.

      I may try to recreate it and share 🙂

  3. Very nice, I believe that I am going to use this shared topic as my first as well. The scenery in WoW has always grabbed me for some reason. Even some of the more dark/dreary places can look beautiful.

  4. HP

    Wow, you take really nice screen shots. I had to play WoW with all my graphics settings on low but recently, my laptop got fixed so I could enjoy the graphics a bit more. Makes a big difference!

    • Thank you 🙂 Of all of the graphic settings, View Distance is my favorite. You can just take in so much more. The Garadar picture is right after I got my new computer and for the first time ever had 100% View Distance. I was astounded.

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