Tarinae the Tankadin

I have played World of Warcraft for over two and a half years; from the very moment my boyfriend surprised me with TBC as a gift, I have played and loved Tarinae. My experience in gaming has always been centered around a love of balanced classes. In WoW, my idea of a balanced character would be classified as a hybrid; the ability to kick ass and heal is amazing.

In the past two years or so, Tarinae has went through so many transformations. She leveled and played through TBC as Retribution but went holy with WOTLK; when the barber shop was released, she went from a white bun to a red pony tail; she tried dual-speccing holy/protection; I gave her a back-story; she went from guild member to guild leader, etc. While the list goes on, I would like to highlight a particular experience for my very special muse this week: Windsoar!

Windsoar wants to know about my thoughts on the tankadin…the oh-so-invincible Protection Paladin. She asks, “Is it a love you, don’t want to be you experience, have you tried it and hated it, or are you just not a tank at heart?” The simple answer is “tried it and hated it”.

The complicated answer is much more…complicated.

My experience as a protection paladin exists albeit it is limited. This past Brewfest, I had the same group of friends who wanted to do the Direbrew boss everyday; unfortunately, out of the 5 of us, 2 were healadins and none were tanks. I had been building a tank set from the heroics and Naxxramas runs I had been running, it wasn’t quite great but it was decent. So  went and dropped 15g to respec my secondary from Retribution to Protection. I didn’t take the time to research the spec, I went with a gut feeling (it was Direbrew after all). I set up bars and did the gemming/enchanting necessary. I was at bar minimum defense cap and I recall barely breaking 30k buffed hit points.

At this point in the process, I already felt disconcerted. She looked ALL wrong! She looked scary. But I went through with it and I tanked the boss a few times that week. I kept asking everyone if it was disastrous; I lost aggro a few times and only one person died once. Overall, I think I did okay. Great given the random-on-the-drop-of-a-dime-first-time tanking job! All the same… I hated every minute of it. I was frantic 100% of the time. I have always known what kind of tank character I want to play and paladin does not fall under that category. I watched and listened on many conversations that talked about the mechanics of the tankadin. I listened in and I don’t want any part of it ; “I love you, but don’t want to be you”!

I will always be a healadin; but, I only tank on 4 legs.



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3 responses to “Tarinae the Tankadin

  1. Oooo four-legged tanking is FUN. 🙂

  2. Benjy

    I think the problem might be dropping into tanking right at level 80. The only reason I’m used to Holy healing is because I’ve been doing it for 80 levels, several dungeons, and a few raids. If you had more experience with it, it be a lot easier.

  3. Windsoar

    Loved it! I completely understand: I love the Holy tree, but it’s just not for me either ❤

    I never thought I looked scary though! Meep 😛

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