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Attempting to do my first Blog Azeroth Shared Topic, I am still working out how I want to format the introduction or if I simply want to jump right into things. So for now take this as a sloppy introduction to Anea’s question of whether or not I would put a link my blog on my armory page!

The answer is…yes.

Why? To that I say, why not?

My blog is a representation of my WOW expereinces, my knowledge of game mechanics, and other WOW related nonsense. I want people who check out my gear on my fresh 80 to link to my blog and know that I have been in ICC; I have downed Onyxia; I have the knowledge and the experience they are looking for.

Furthermore (and I would like to quote the lovely Bossy Pally here):

A question asked by the other bloggers who’ve answered the topic so far has been: Who would be armoring me anyway?

I don’t think my armory page gets many hits. Maybe some from guildies (who know about my blog anyway), maybe some from former guildies (who also know about my blog), maybe some from blog readers (who obviously know about my blog). But other than that? I rarely PuG or PvP, I’m not vocal on my server. No one cares about my armory.

Because my guild has taken a raiding hiatus because life is in the way, I do PuG but if they are putting a raid together I doubt they are going to take the time to look at my blog regardless; therefore, the existence of the link on my page is trivial. All of my guildies are aware of my blog, several of them read it. I haven’t posted anything about my guild or even being a guild leader as a matter of fact.

I have nothing to hide, especially not my ideas on how I play my character. I keep secret characters on the occasion because sometimes, I just want to play alone. You won’t find me referencing these characters by name so even yet, linking isn’t a problem.

I realize this post is random. I have had a lot of thoughts flowing in my head about what I wanted to say and I am pretty sure I did what I could to get it all out there!

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