Tiny Tar & the Single Abstract Noun

The blogging universe has expanded its way to in-game content! Tamarind had the idea to start a guild <Single Abstract Noun> where bloggers and readers alike can get together in-game and play. This brings a lot of new bloggers to the forefront and introduces readers to new bloggers they may not know about. The US chapter of the guild can be found on the Alliance side of Argent Dawn (RP Server) thanks to Miss Medicina.

Today I joined the band wagon and started my SAN toon! You could say I wasn’t original but I am pretty sure I am creative…maybe. I rolled up Tarinae the Draeni! Oh yes, it rhymes in all of its glory! The name Tarinae is the only name I hvae ever duplicated and ever intend to duplicate. It also had a sound purpose of clearing up any confusion of who I was playing and who the blogger is. In this blog, Tarinae will always refer to my main. She is a (as if you didn’t know) Level 80 Blood Elf Healadin…Tiny Tar as I shall call my SAN baby is a Level 6 Draeni idontwanttohaveanotherhealadinrightnow.

Starting off the leveling process, I wanted to do something a little different. Something that would give me something to laugh about and chat about. As a draeni paladin doesn’t start with chest armor, I decided to quest shirtless. I know it isn’t extravagent but my shirtlessness was entertaining all the same and made for a grand entrance statement when Crankypally tossed me the invite. I even thought I would share my PG-rated exploits!

I am really excited to get her up and going. Of course I can’t and won’t put any other character to the side but after that fail-pug raid sometimes you need a break! Or even after these horrible pugs that seem to be plagueing the Dungeon Finder…a lowbie can the answer. The guild is already over 200 members and a lot of them are “Avid Readers” and I really hope to get to know them! Getting to know a reader base can strengthen your blog and that is something to look forward too. Yes, traffic is good too.

As a closing sentiment I thought I would share a picture that I enjoyed splicing together in all its simplicity. It is just awesome!



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10 responses to “Tiny Tar & the Single Abstract Noun

  1. Can you join the guild if you’re not a blogger?

    • Oh yes! Of course! The guild is made up of a combination and over 200 blog writers and readers! Everyone is welcome and I am pretty sure everyone has the ability to invite!

      If you are interested in joining, roll a character and /who Single Abstract Noun for an invite!

  2. Topless Tiny Tar!

    Such provocativeness!

  3. Yeah… you’re gonna have to teach me how2pally (the only healing class I haven’t played to 80).

    Put yer shirt on, you hussy!

    • Speaking of how2pally, I am working really hard on getting the first part of the leveling guide out.

      It will discuss ways of leveling and heirloom/gear stats for the lowbie healadin.

  4. I’ve been having fun in SAN, too. I can usually pop over after a night of hard raiding or chain-random heroics and just chill and quest around the Plaguelands on my DK version of Endyme.

    I must admit, questing shirtless is a new one to me, but I hope it brings you much fun and many /whistles and /flirts!

    Cranky, if you need any halp on how2holypally and Tarinae isn’t around, hit me up!

    • lol. I have been doing a lot of things out of the ordinary lately. I was looking for something to entertain me while doing some of the same stuff I have been doing.

      I healed a heroic with my fishing pole on.

      I quested through the starting zone shirtless…Yeah I eventually put one on lol. πŸ™‚

  5. Cranky did the invite…I’m battling her and MissMedicina…I gotta get quicker.

    Welcome to SAN! The more people the better..cause guild chat doesnt move by fast enough as it is. πŸ˜›

  6. I think I have yet to be on at the same time as you…

    Too bad I missed Topless Tar πŸ˜‰

  7. I’ve really loved being in SAN, meeting bloggers who I probably wouldn’t have come across otherwise, getting to know them, play with them, and as you said, getting to know a few readers too! Whether they’re bloggers or not, everybody gets along and has a laugh and a chat and it’s lovely. Some even felt tempted to start up their own blogs after being around for a few days which was also awesome to be able to help πŸ˜€

    By the way, Topless Tar’s boobs are fake. Jus’ sayin’. πŸ˜‰

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