Elder Tarinae’s Tips

I’m not going to think of a witty intro. I have been sitting here for 2 hours looking at a blank screen and have tried for 3 days to have the inspiration of how to write this and what to write about. Currently in-game the Lunar Festival is going on in game and the holiday requires you to literally travel across Azeroth to honor Elders. Khi over at Tree Burglar had a great idea for the “Elder” players to create a post for those who are new to the game! I have thought long and hard about what to do. At some point I will do a leveling guild and/or tips for paladins but I don’t want that for this. I want this to be unique. I want this to help ANYONE who tries to read it; bits on paladin talents won’t help that warlock hunting mage that strolls through there. So I am going universal…multi-functional even!

Things Everyone Should Know

  1. When trading down Emblems, Shift+Click to trade a mass quantity (I was given this direction in life after having done 60 individual trades from conquest to heroism.)
  2. You should use gear for the stats it provides (i.e. Intellect/Spirit) and not the Damage of a weapon or the armor numbers. (For those priests who want 2 armor points and agi/stam over what they have with int/spirit).
  3. No class can use every weapon. (Warriors come close but cannot use wands).
  4. Class quests can be very important! (They tend to reward necessary spells like Paladin’s Redemption, or Berserker stance!)
  5. You should choose one talent specialization and max it out instead of throwing your points around randomly. (Could you imagine a Holy Paladin without Beacon? I think not.)
  6. There is a difference between PVE, PVP, and leveling talents. You do not need to reduce damage taken or increase output as an end-game healer.
  7. PVE = Player-versus-Environment, PVP = Player-versus-Player, DPS = Damage Per Second, WTB = Want to Buy, WTS = Want to Sell, PST = Please send Tell
  8. Melee Hit Rating is at 8% or 263. Spell Hit Rating is 17%. Hit percentages do not reflect talents or presences like the Draeni racial so you must add that manually.
  9. If you are a retribution paladin or warrior, do not gem for Attack Power. You get more attack power from strength. Ret pallies receive 2.4 points of attack power/1 STR.
  10. Where you quest, the spec you chose, the gear you wear, and the rotation you use are in the end up to you. You pay to play. There is no wrong way or right way to play but there are highly suggested ways to play if you want the most output/results.

I attempted to make this a list of life-lessons that I have learned throughout my experience. Some are trivial but as a new player I didn’t know acronyms, half the time I still don’t know what classes can you what weapons. I also wanted to include some end-game tips I have been sharing recently. It is my goal that this helps anyone and everyone that reads it. Being a veteran (Elder Tarinae) for going on three years, I am glad to have shared my wisdom with you and leave you with one parting tip:

Just because a socket is prismatic, does not mean the gem has to be; any color will match.



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8 responses to “Elder Tarinae’s Tips

  1. Very helpful tips!

    I need to get around to writing mine…

  2. Jen

    I can find you the story on WoW Ladies about the paladin who was filling all his/her talents by tier, so Beacon was planned for level 74 since that’s when she/he would have enough points… >.<

    I wish I'd known that about emblems earlier too… I think my count was 40 until a guildie saw me QQ and enlightened. Also, doesn't PvE stand for Player vs. Environment?

  3. snuzzle


    I…I… wow, I feel like such an idiot. Thank you!!

  4. “They tend to reward necessary spells like Paladin’s Redemption”.

    Oh, the amount of paladins that couldn’t ressurect anyone because they didn’t bother to do their quest is absolutely freaking surprising. Though that’s not as bad on the Alliance side as I had it on the Horde side. But I still wanted to strangle each and every one of them.

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