Loving Revelation

Anea, my dear…

For three days I have pined for you to look at me, for you to know my name but I just couldn’t tell you. But now, things are different. I’m not nervous anymore. I am so excited the whole world should know how much you mean to me! Anea, whether you like it or not, I’m calling you my Valentine! And that entitles you to cuddles and flowers and chocolate!

Happy Valentine’s Day my Sweet!

And so the end to a great blogging event has come. The great revelation to her, Anea, in which I was stalking admiring. I’ve recently started following her and many other participants in the project on twitter and have really gotten to know a lot a of great people. There are also lots of new additions to my blogroll that I really enjoy reading that I found during the event. I would like to thank Dristanel at The Physician’s Log for hosting the great event and The Elitest for my loving posts. Did I mention I had a blast? Oh and, thank you Anea for not hating my creepiness!

Good night and Happy Valentine’s Day!


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One response to “Loving Revelation

  1. Yeeeee! *takes cuddles and flowers and chocolate*

    You were a great Secret Admirer 🙂 I had no clue who my SA was until I sat down to think about it. I had the sauciest of them all :>

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