As long as you love me…

Whether you know this holiday as Love is in the Air, Valentine’s Day, Singles Awareness, or anything else…they still have the same concept. It’s about admiration…it’s about love…and appreciation (the singles kind of hate that part). What better way to show admiration to your fellow bloggers than be a part of Dristanel’s Secret Admirer Blog Project over at The Physician’s Log.

Sadly, I can’t encourage you to join in this time (I barely made the deadline myself), but check out the post for links to all the participants and watch the stalking in all its creepy glory.

At this time, this fragile fragile state, my blog could use some TLC from some people so I welcome a stalker with open arms…just…don’t tell everyone that. And don’t knock on my window either! This attitude made me think of Backstreet Boys. And even though I couldn’t find a decent youtube video, I leave you with one thought….

“As long as you love me”…it is okay to stalk me.



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5 responses to “As long as you love me…

  1. Secret Admirer

    I must appreciate all you do
    A great healing class
    You protect me, the dps
    by healing my ass

    Happy Valentines day sweetie
    -Secret Admirer

  2. You're Not Mine But...

    I had to say that’s my favorite BSB song ever. XD

  3. But not as much as you love Hanson!

  4. Secret Admirer

    Roses are Red
    Violets are Blue
    My Terrans need backup,
    my medic is you

    Happy Valentines day sweetie
    -Secret Admirer

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