Cheers & Jeers: Glyph Analysis

I feel like offering an analysis of holy glyphs. I’ve heard of some different choices other than the ones I use recently and thought I would take a look at what they each bring to the table or why they should be kicked under the table. The glyphs I use personally will be marked with **. I certainly hope that this helps people who are having a hard time making the glyph decision.

Cheers: Glyph of Holy Light** (Ma): This glyph turns your biggest heal (Holy Light)into an Area-of-Effect (AOE) heal. I love this glyph. We are the only healing class that doesn’t have one and therefore are designed as tank/bomb healers. The glyph heals friendly targets within 8 yards for 10% of the holy light effect. It isn’t a lot but can make topping off the party while healing the tank a cinch. Furthermore, depending on your spec, should you be a HL spammer, this glyph is a must have.  ((In my own world, I feel more gratified seeing all the green all over the screen too hehe))

Jeers: Glyph of Holy Shock (Ma): Ugh. This is a glyph better spent with something else; please don’t take a spot up with it. What does it do? It reduces the cooldown of your Holy Shock by 1 second. ONE SECOND! I do not feel the need to elaborate that in all my healing experience I have never seen an occurrence where Holy Shock would have been a saving grace had it been ready 1 second faster. Never.  What can you do should you need an “oh-shit-button” and holy shock is down? Lay on Hands.

Cheers: Glyph of Flash of Light** (Ma): This glyph is a universal must have.  With this glyph your Flash of Light spell has an additional 5% critical strike rating. This is extremely useful in PVP where your main ability if FoL but it is also useful in all areas of PvE (raiding, instancing, and questing).

Cheers: Glyph of Seal of Light** (Ma): One of the paladin’s defining abilities is seals+judgements. As a holy paladin, judging to proc the talent Judgements of the Pure is a must! When it increases your spell haste by 15%, why wouldn’t you? Therefore, it is important to use an appropriate seal for healing. This glyph adds an extra 5% healing effect to any spell that you cast; it also has an appropriate counterpart (Glyph of Seal of Wisdom) that reduces mana costs of all spells by 5%. Depending on your heal style and your mana conservation abilities, either one of these glyphs should be required. You are already using a seal…why not get a buff from it?

Jeers: Glyph of Sense Undead (Mi): If you want to waste a glyph slot, don’t do it with this.  This could be a helpful leveling glyph while you are in Icecrown but it is not viable for end-game content as it is a damage buff to undead.  ((Yes, I’ve seen some raiding healadins use it.))

Cheers: Glyph of Blessing of Wisdom** (Mi): This increases the buff timer of BoW on yourself making it 30 minutes. This is considerably helpful when running with another paladin who wants Blessing of Might. How? If you cast Greater Blessing of Might on the two of you, you can replace your own with a standard Blessing of Wisdom and still have a 30-minute buff. They can cast Blessing of Kings and everyone is happy. If you are leveling Holy and find your mana bringing a lot of downtime but you buff yourself with Kings, try using this and save some Symbols of Kings at the same time.

Cheers: Glyph of Blessing of Kings** (Mi): Blessing of Kings is the most universal buff we have and unlike BoW, this glyph reduces the mana costs of BoK by 50%. The lowered mana cost can make buffing during a wipe recovery go considerably quicker. There aren’t many minor glyphs to choose from and even though you don’t get much from this, I still recommend it.

Jeers: Glyph of the Wise (Mi): “Reduces the mana cost of your Seal of Wisdom by 50%”. Even if you had to cast this in combat, it is a onetime deal and you have the buff though you usually buff before combat when you can regain your mana with water. Furthermore, if you don’t even use Seal of Wisdom, this is a useless glyph for you. The argument could be made that one switches from Seal of Light to Seal of Wisdom often, which is unnecessary. You should use the seal that you are glyphed to buff and alternate judgements rather than seals.

Cheers: Glyph of Lay on Hands** (Mi): Get it. Don’t think twice about it. Unlike a reduced Holy Shock CD (1-sec, see above); 5 minutes on your Lay on Hands could make or break a fight. This glyph paired with the talent Improved Lay on Hands reduces the cooldown to 11 minutes.

Jeers: Glyph of Judgement (Ma): I know I said that judging as a healadin is important for the haste buff, but that doesn’t mean you need a damage buff to how much damage you are doing with a judgement. It isn’t your job as the healer to do the damage.

Jeers: Glyph of Cleansing (Ma): Without this glyph, Cleanse costs 6% base mana to cast each time; the glyph reduces this by 20%. To show you a little math, I have 30,034 mana but I only have (last I looked) 7449 base mana. It takes (at 6% a cast) 447 mana to cast Cleanse. With the glyph it would take 358. In the grand scheme of things, it is about 1% of my total mana to cleanse. In raids, I run with many other healers who can abolish disease, cleanse, cleanse spirit, decurse, etc. The sole burden of cleansing (or even fights that don’t require cleansing), does not rest on me so much that I should worry about <100 mana cost.

Cheers: Beacon of Light (Ma): Even though I do not use this glyph, I would say that it is still useful. A standard cast of Beacon of Light lasts 60 seconds. This glyph adds 30 seconds increasing the buff to a minute and a half. If you find yourself forgetful to re-cast Beacon, I strongly suggest this. However, as it does nothing else and you find you have excellent buff management ((the add-on NeedtoKnow is GREAT for watching your Beacon timer with focus targets)), you may find other glyphs more suitable.

Jeers: Glyph of Divine Plea (Ma): I know that as a holy paladin, you are probably popping Divine Plea every cooldown. But that doesn’t mean this glyph is for you. The reduced damage effect makes this a tank oriented glyph.

Jeers: Glyph of Divinity (Ma): Lay on Hands gives the target burst health based on the casting paladin’s health and it also “…restores 1950 mana”. The glyph applies the same mana gain to you as it does the target. 1950 mana is barely over the cost of Holy Light. This glyph may also encourage you to use LoH as a mana regen ability which could later prove to cause a lot of trouble.  There are worse ones to have, but there are significantly better as well.

Taking on this analysis, I don’t think I realized just how many glyphs a holy paladin may consider using regardless of how bad some of them may be. When you are making the decision to glyph your holy paladin you should always have your play style in consideration. Ask yourself: “What kind of healer am I?” “How is my mana conservation and regen?” “What spells and abilities do I use the most?”  These questions will help you eliminate some of the choices making it an easier decision. Good luck.

PS. Feel free to comment and let me know if you agree or disagree.


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11 responses to “Cheers & Jeers: Glyph Analysis

  1. Curse you for covering this topic before me!! =P

    (Just as a suggestion, you might want to group your glyph notes by Major/Minor and by Cheers/Jeers. They’re kind of all over the place and it’s hard to follow.)

    I use Glyph of Holy Shock and I’m not ashamed.

    I wouldn’t straight up recommend it for anyone else, but it fits my healing style. Even with a shortened CD, I still find I can’t use Holy Shock enough. I know most paladins don’t do this, but I love to fit in a Holy Shock on the raid whenever I can between Holy/Flash of Light spams. It also helps for when I run BGs in my raiding spec.

    I also use glyph of Sense Undead because, other than Glyph of Lay on Hands, there aren’t any decent minor glyphs for me. I never use 10 minutes Blessing of Wisdom on myself and Kings doesn’t put a dent in my mana at all. Granted a teeny tiny bit more damage against Undead is insignificant, but whatever 😉

    Glyph of Seal of Light is good for the Valithria fight or if you’re one of the three FoL paladins out there, but otherwise I don’t see a point to it. If I want a big heal, I’ll cast Holy Light, not give a bonus to my FoL. Besides, if I don’t have my Glyphed Seal of Wisdom up, I run out of mana way too fast. I’m a paladin, I should be able to swim around in my mana bar!

    I see Glyph of Divinity the same way you too, although a lot of paladins really love it. I never understood why it’s so popular.

    • Thanks for the tip 🙂 I was a little shaken by the sheer number of glyphs as I hadn’t realized there were so many so I just did them as I came across them 0:)

      If you use Holy Shock that often, are you going for the Libram from the Emblem of Frost vendor that increases your spell power or something? If you do, you have to let me know how it works 0:)

      • I might get it eventually. It’s not a priority for now since I like Libram of Renewal’s mana sparing effect. Compared to Libram of Veracity (which I do use on occasion for fun) it would be a slight upgrade with a bit more uptime.

      • I don’t use the Glyph of Holy Shock, but I do have that libram. And I absolutely LOVE it! Just by casting Holy Shock enough, you get a stacking (3 x 85) spellpower bonus which really makes a difference, especially if your healing style is spamming HS/ FoL a lot (as it is with me). And the spellpower bonus isn’t limited to just HS or FoL!

        Just wanted to let you know from some first-hand experience. Even though I haven’t raided ICC yet (apart from some rep runs, one of which I solo-healed due to a failing/leaving healer) I am pretty sure this libram was a solid choice for me. I spent my first frost emblems on that, and I do not regret it.

  2. Voshten

    I, too, have the glyph of Blessing of Wisdom for the increased self buffed timer. However, I find that I never use it. The smaller buff (ie. the buff that does require a Symbol of Kings) only buffs for 39 mana per 5, rather than the 110 mp5 of the Greater Blessing. My lack of use has made me consider looking to see if a different glyph would be more helpful.

    Is there something I could change that would allow the smaller buff to be equalent to the greater?

    • If there is such a significance in the difference between your Blessing of Wisdom and your Greater Blessing, be sure to check your ranks.

      There was/is a glitch with dual spec that when training new spells the inactive spec doesn’t get the proper ranking spells.

      The only difference between these two spells is the duration. If your Greater does 110 so should your baby.

      It is important to check and make sure your ranks are all correct because you may find yourself having to do baby buffs in raid when you have (for example) all feral druids who want might but you have that one boomkin who needs your baby wisdom.

      Hope this helps 🙂

      • Voshten

        I did, indeed, have the incorrect rank of baby Wisdom on my bar, and it has been correct :o)

        Thank you!

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  4. Interesting post. 🙂 Personally, I use:

    – Holy Light: Even if this does only randomly hit 5 targets, whether they need it or not, within 8 yards, it’s healing that can matter hugely on AOE damage fights like Blood Queen, Sindragosa, Twin Valkyrs.
    – Beacon of Light: Really, it’s just for the mana conservation. I usually have to keep beacon up on someone, so I did the math and realized I was saving a substantial amount of mana over even a four minute fight by using this glyph.
    – Seal of Wisdom: I ❤ 5% mana savings.

    – Sense Undead: Since our minor glyphs suck so hard, I grabbed this. My paladin isn't a gatherer (JC/alc) so I'm never tracking anything else. Why NOT have my judgements hit 1% harder in instances where there's a significant amount of undead?
    – Blesing of Kings: I usually am the kings bitch, so this only makes sense.
    – Lay on Hands: No brainer, as you mentioned.

    Having said that, I wanted to mention that Glyph of the Wise stems from the fact that in early Wrath, Seals only lasted 2 minutes, not 30 and it WAS my third minor glyph (instead of Sense Undead).

    I also wanted to say that you DO notice the difference between 5 and 6 seconds on Holy Shock on movement oriented fights. I used to have HS back in Naxx/Ulduar and it was only in TOC that I switched to Beacon's glyph. I've given serious consideration to switching back to it if I ever give up the Libram of Renewal in favour of the Emblem of Frost libram.

    Also, I will swap out my Seal of Wisdom Glyph for Seal of Light on Valithria Dreamwalker. It feels like it makes a big difference.

    Finally, I haven't used Flash of Light's glyph… well, in a very long time. The simple fact of the matter is that I don't need an extra 5% crit on FoL when I'm GENERALLY using FoL to put up the HoT on a target that has Sacred Shield on them. The SS proc increases the crit chance of Flash of Light by 50%. Add that to my 44% or so Holy crit chance, raid buffed, and when the SS shield has procced (every six seconds), I already have a 94% chance to crit FoL on my target. In order to use Seal of Wisdom and Beacon of Light's glyphs, I'm happy to drop 5% crit from FoL. 🙂

    Just my two cents, but I'm really glad to see people helping others to examine the glyphs they're using. I've seen so many fail pallies with horrible glyphs in random pugs these days, it makes me want to cry.

    • I’ve been told that Seal of Light is good for Valithria; I haven’t made it to her but it is good to know. With my small journeys into the beginning of ICC, I still feel that my mana management is under control enough that I always use seal of light.

      That is a good point on the Flash of Light, but I feel pretty sound using it in PVP when I have a tendency to lose my SS.

      I could see where you, not being a gatherer, could make light of using Sense Undead. I’m a miner but I also don’t think I could stomach losing my Glypoh of BoW. It works out really great when running with only a ret paladin.

      Thanks for sharing!

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