An Introduction

Recently, WoW Insider posted that they were interested in hiring a holy paladin columnist. I thought that was just amazing, I LOVE playing a holy paladin; what more of a perfect match could that be.

I’ve been playing for almost three years and while I leveled through vanilla and Burning Crusade as retribution, I switched to Holy when the expansion came out.  That made for interesting times leveling alongside my holy priest boyfriend I can tell you that much.

But here I was, faced with the opportunity to express my love and knowledge about holy paladins with a great wow community.  I have recently helped several friends on my server with their holy specs and in making hard gear choices, I’m the one they allllll turn to; so I thought I would give it a shot.

Sadly, they didn’t accept any new workers and hired internally the same guy that does the rogue column, but I stuck my foot out there and still asked Adam what the consensus of my application was…constructive criticism right? Well, I got good news…my writing style received a warm welcome but alas, my raiding and pvp experience was a hindrance. Damn. Nonetheless, he encouraged me to start a blog and continue writing for a world of opportunity still lies beyond this computer.

I started this with the intentions to write, and I would like to but it is hard to do anything else when people are playing in my house and right now…they pretty much play constantly. But maybe I will turn over a new leaf now that I have something supportive on my track record.

You can find my armory link on the sidebar of this blog, but I’ve been upgrading my DPS gear so do not be shocked if I’m not holy atm. I have a Level 80 BM hunter and a Level 80 Arcane Mage…but no matter how much I love to play them, holy is my baby and I always come back.

My goal in this blog is to encourage young healadin’s and vent my frustrations at the squishiness of unholy DK tanks…but from time to time, I may include special topic posts for other classes that I am strongly familiar with…

I should take this time to mention I am a guild master of <Age of the Phoenix> and we just celebrated our 2 year anniversary earlier this month. As GM (and resident JC), I get approached with a lot questions for a lots of classes and specs so I try to know a hodgepodge of info but my indepth knowledge is limited to the toons I play so I might share that too.

Now that my brain twisted 100 different ways to get everything I wanted in here, I leave you with the promise of an actual piece to come. I’ve only got to finish it with appropriate examples and we shall see what the future holds.



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3 responses to “An Introduction

  1. Grats on the new blog! Looking forward to see future posts. 🙂

  2. It’s great to see more healadin representation in the blogosphere! Can’t wait to read more from you!

  3. Welcome to blogging. It’s a good way to work on setting up a good reputation in the community so that maybe you can make a better impression next time they are hiring. 😉

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