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Tuesday with Tarinae 8/31

Good bye August. Another month has come and gone. Time flies. I don’t even know where last week went but it was a murderous  week dealt out by the evil hands of Orcus, The Demon Prince of the Undead, I am almost sure of it. On top of a mountain of disasterous news, I have strep throat. I have succeeded for 23 years in never having this awful illness but now, working with kids, guess what. 101 degree temperature and 3 days of nearly nothing to eat, I am still exhausted. I have maxed out the extremes of my iPhone while watching a House Marathon, a Ghost Whisperer Marathon, and a season of Inuyasha while I lay dyeing on the couch.

So…for that reason…I have absolutely nothing to talk about. Aside from the post on Saturday, I have touched the computer only to pay my (conviently) cell phone bill. So I leave you with this and I am going to go hide under the covers again, but I do have medicine now!

I love images of space and the nether. This works well as a 1920×1080 wallpaper I do believe. And as always, I encourage you to check out some of my favorite screenshot artists over at Revive & Rejuvenate and Postcards from Azeroth.

Until I am well, may the light be with you.


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Tuesday with Tarinae 8/24

Okay, I am in a little bit of a lull in all of my creative outlets. Everytime I sat down to write, whteher for this blog or my RP character, I sighed heavily and wanted to do something else. Even when plying WoW, I sigh at the screen hoping for something to do even if I am not in the mood to do everything. I think it is stress related. All the same there has been a lot to talk about this week and I hope to get a post on CataBuild 12803 out sometime this week. But for now, delve into the goodness!

A Humbling Sight

Here is a small story for you, one that brings me back to the good old days of WoW. Recently, I did Stockades with a few groups. By few, I mean I only did it once because people are so impatient they bail after one wipe. All the same, the group that finally finished it was a group you don’t see very often. I was the ONLY person wearing any sort of BOA. It made me feel so reminiscent I used a staff that I happened to have as a “back-up” just for the full effect. It was awesome. There were no “zomg lets speed run this” attitudes or anything of the sort; just a nice, homey feeling.

Something else I learned…

It doesn’t help your case as a DPS to say things like “Hey, I didn’t know I was tanking this!” When you pull the mobs just because you’re ranged and the tank hasn’t gotten there (especially new tanks at low levels), you are not looking cocky or smart, you are looking like a steaming pile of fail when you say something insulting like that. Life is different when you’re leveling.

A Healing Haiku

See that fire there

It is time for you to move

I don’t heal stupid

Cataclysm Release Details

No, I am pretty sure the date has not been released. But! The details for the Collector’s Edition including box art have been released.

Collector's Edition

Again this set comes with trading cards, soundtrack CD, art book, exclusive mousepad, the game DVD, behind the scenes DVD, and an in-game pet. Yay for mini Deathwing!

Mentoring System

I recently tried playing Everquest 2, please don’t hate me, they twisted my arm and they even tried WoW! But they do a system called “mentoring” where you can scale your high level character down to a lower level to play with your friends. This is especially handy for EQ players given their limited character amount but also will be handy given WoW’s character per server limit. This was recently revealed to be a goal of Blizzard in an interview that The Escapists did with Ghostcrawler. While it is part of a “long-term” plan, I think that it is a great idea.

More thorough notes

Every week, I try to take notes on what to talk about with you guys on Tuesday. Looking back at this week’s, there is something I can’t remember … can’t fathom…what it means.

Macy C SS

What was I thinking?! Apparently I need to go back to school as I have forgotten how to take notes appropriately and/or my own shorthand!

Happy Tuesday!

I would like to thank all of my faithful and new readers for tuning in! I bid you all farewell on this Tuesday! May the loot mother be with you and the light shine upon you in darkness (I’m a Pelor fan!)!


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Late Night with Tarinae

Okay, so this is my first really late Tuesday post and I am pretty sure that the servers are up by now. If I am horribly mistaken, oh well and welcome to late night with me! I wish that I watched more late night television to make this funny but I don’t so we are going to go with what works. But I have to say something first, this week has been shifting back to my old position at work and so the trouble in finding a routine is back, oh crap, I am missing America’s got talent! I really forgot what time it was, I have to go watch Harmonica Pierre and Anna & Patryk, so I will make this fast.

I haven’t been able to play much this week with the job thing so it will actually be pretty short in general, and for that I am sorry. I have been getting the motivation to write my leveling guide part II so hopefully, when I get time, I will get to it!

A mini project!

As an roleplayer in WoW and in D&D, there are some overlap with the two games. Tarinae existed in wow with an awesome back story and now she exists in D&D as the mother of my current character, Sabina. She was also the head paladin for the world’s capital city Vvardenfell (yes, Morrowind lovers it is a reference!). She is awesome. We get some in game credit for doing things character based while outside of game so I took this mini project on during my 30 minute interval breaks. I am pretty proud of it and it encompasses both aspects of Tarinae!

Family Tree - Click to Bigify!

A competition?

Not that I need any more competitors, I really want an invite, but WOWhead is currently holding a contest to give away Beta Keys! All you have to do is write a wow-related haiku and be voted the best! Lots to be given away! I was not chosen for Day 1, I am so sad.

Link Love

Did I mention I am missing AGT?

Ophelie tells you how to analyze the healadin!

The most amazing debate yet!

Will your computer run beta? Ask Gaz!

Wishing Jaedia a Happy Blogaversary!


I know this is a really crappy post, and I am sorry but I lost the weekend and Monday was booked but I promise I love you all! *scampers to the TV*


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Tuesday with Tarinae 8/10

And so it is time for school to start here. That means a couple of things for ME: The WoW Player and ME: The Grown-Up. While I am glad to see the daytime trade chat leave its stupidity behind, tomorrow is the last day of my vacation and its back to work I go. It isn’t a strenuous job by any means, just a job nonetheless.

A Vacation

Wow, I got a LOT done during the last week. While I didn’t get all my laundry finished, I found out people with long hair have to pay out the wazoo for perms. I decided to buy something else for myself since I didn’t have remotely enough money for said perm. I took a much needed day to myself and watched Remember Me, yes, the Robert Pattinson movie. And I did a crap ton of raiding. 3 weeklies. My hunter ventured into ICC25 for the first time doing 4/12 as BM! Tar did VOA 10/25, ICC10 – and somehow I got dumped being the raid leader and I was not a fan, and attempted RS. Now I have mentioned before that RS seems to be unpopular, I haven’t even heard people talk about it since it came out. We had a pug, with 2 people having attempts at the Lich King, and wiped twice on the girl mini boss. We downed her right before we called it. Stupid RS. But all the same, it was a good week…I BLOGGED!

Speaking of Blogging

I have said it over and over that I play Dungeons and Dragons. Yes, I am that geek. What makes it even better is that I have a blog where I recount in journal form thoughts for my character. I have been talking about it all on Twitter so I thought I would send a link that way to anyone who is interested in RP. Visit A Character’s Tale! Whee!

For the Protadins

I am a Paladin blogger, more specific I am a Holy Paladin blogger. I may be interested in Ret but I have no interest whatsoever in ever talking about or even pretending to know about Prot paladins. With that said, I think that it is only fair to share a great resource with all of you who is a great protection blogger.

Rhidach talks in depth about Cooldowns & Forbearance for Prot CD’s. He also does the Paladin Build in 12644 strictly from the tanking tree.

Also, for tanks in general, Enlynn has a great tip recently where I share her sympathies. A small story first. I was DPSing VOA10. That means I am melee and I am standing behind the fire guy. The Main Tank is doing a great job, doing what he is supposed to do. But guess where the OT is? He is beside me, TAUNTING THE BOSS! Back and forth the boss turns until guess who dies…ME! Guess how. METEOR FISTS! Because the OT wouldn’t listen and wouldn’t stop taunting a non-taunt fight. Now, for her lovely suggestion!

If it’s not a tank swap, don’t take the boss. If it IS a tank swap, no need to taunt before the swap time. There’s a reason we agree on encounter specifics like “X stacks” or “X boss cooldown” to swap, and not “I’m bored and I want to see the boss swinging at me instead”. And if we ask you to DPS, the correct response is “ok, let me switch” and not “ok but I’m going to stay in tank spec and gear in case something goes wrong”.


I hit an amazing milestone recently, 11,000 honorable kills. That’s awesome to me! With that said there is a thank you in order. I was a super noob when it came to Wintergrasp. I just kind of tagged along keeping people alive but it was more of the lost puppy syndrome than anything else. I owe my skillz to Cynwise for writing up the intro to WG ages ago. I think it is a great resource for anyone who wants in one the zone-wide battles. Being an avid scoreboard lurker, I also took a great liking to Cyn’s recent Battleground Scoreboard article. It really does explain a lot of things and offers a great suggestion to better the system!


Without much more to say, I’m going to go enjoy my day of nothingness and wish you the best!

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Tuesday with Tarinae 8/3

First, I am so sorry that I missed last Tuesday, it was our last week of the summer and I was an exhausted little paladin that passed out way too early Monday night. All the same, I hope there is enough AWESOMESAUCE in this post to make up for it. I am still waiting on that beta key, I would really like to see the paladin stuff “live” but oh well. Here we are moving into…OMG can you believe it is August already? School starts back in like 2 weeks and that means trade chat goes back to normal and we are another month closer to Catacyslm! And one more rant closer to the goodness you actually came here for!

Spam and the Beta Invitations

Here is a quick story for you. A while ago, I logged onto WoW on my boyfriend’s computer when it was unknown to us that he had a keylogger. When we noticed something was fishy, it was immediately handled and I hopped over to my computer and switched my email address for A month or so later, I realize it is was the thing to do because they had it. My new email address receives not even the faintest joke of a beta invite (:() while my no-longer-attached-to-wow received 64 beta invites that were filtered into my spam box. I emptied the folder but I am sure that if you contact Blizzard Entertainme. or they would be sure to send you one. Who can resist your yummy info?

Video Time!

Most raiders, hardcore or casual or PuGGer, know of the lootship. I am Horde…always have been…probably always will be. I recently got to see it from the alliance perspective in this awesome video. Poor Horde. I saw it on but for those of you who don’t check that out…CHECK THIS OUT! I really enjoyed it.

Authenticator News

If you have an authenticator, great! If you don’t, you should! If you add and re-add for things like your iPhone updates, there is something to note. There has been a new step added in the authenticator adding process. When doing the latest iPhone update, I removed mine to add it back a few minutes later and with the new, I saw this new step and tweeted about it for its verification. Speaking of the new, I am not a fan. It is still having some sort of glitch where it charges me for playing but says I have no active payment methods! That is bothersom.

All the same, the new step has had raised some issues across the internet. Yes, hacked accounts without authenciators were getting the authenticators put on the accounts to prolong their skeeviness. But, when they already have your email, they have one step of this equation needed to add it again. A keylogger will have logged your email password and chances are they have that too. If you’re like my, I stay logged into my email, the password which is secure and strong, is remembered as well as my username. But all the same, this step should be noted strongly if you don’t have an authenticator; not only is your wow account at stake but possibly your email.


Oh there is always a lot being discussed about this topic at any given time, but recently a post popped out at me that stood out. Chastity, while they aren’t playing in the beta, has been following the talents closely for warriors. She has found a very interesting “ism” that exists within the warrior tree. It doesn’t make me shake my fist in anger at Blizzard but makes me go “Hmmm”.

For my Healadins

Yes, I would play Tarinae in the beta, you can’t really roll the new races anyways, and yes, I would convey what the “live” seems to be like. But, when I can’t do it, I have to find the sources that can do it. In a recent beta invite giveaway from Curse and The Raid Warning, Kurn received an invitation. She does a great job at letting us know the feel for mana conversation and holy power! Also, stay tuned this week for Paladin build 12644 news!

Brew of the Year

FINALLY! I drank my last drink on Sunday and I got the grand year long achievement. I squeed so loud at having done it, that I almost missed something that made me squee even more…

The drink effects!

What? Video time again?!

I am both a gamer and a lover of Bollywood. I can tell you that I do play World of Warcraft, Dungeons & Dragons, and a new game called Perfect World…and Real Life? I can also tell you that I really love the movie and soundtrack to Bollywood film Om Shanti Om. That my friends is why I feel that you must see the new The Guild music video!


I am a political person…nah, not really but I follow the Warchief campaign closely anyways. I have to know I am standing by the right candidate. So far, the first debate is between my last two choices, but the best one is still to come: Thrall vs. Sylvanas. You have to understand the well-rounded-ness that is Sylvanas Windrunner, I mean she even makes an appearance in our D&D game, how much more awesome can you get?!

A Farewell

Not only is it time for me to say good-bye to you, but I also had a heartbreaking moment happen a week or so ago. My boyfriend, my long time playing pal, left the game. He will be back someday, but in addition to not wanting to play wow, we upgraded our cable service and I can’t pry him away from the TV. So with that, the amazing team that is Azazoth and Tarinae is no more for now.


Don't mind the ui....


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Tuesday with Tarinae 7/20

Quite possibly this may  be the most rushed Tuesday post I have mustered up yet. I don’t intend for it to be this way but I have *coughgaminggroup* company coming in less than 30 minutes and tomorrow at work I have a big project I am still working on and have to finish. All the same…


The wow world has been decently quiet except for the hubub of the Cataclysm Talent Trees being released in their 31 point fail glory. I have already covered holy paladin changes and there are a couple other people covering a few aspects. And while I know there are lots more, my feed reader is a mess and I can’t find them all.

  • Adam says he might cry at rogue talents
  • Rhidach talks about the trends in changes for paladins
  • Kurn shares initial thoughts for holy paladins
  • Okay, I have searched my reader over and can’t find the priest links anywhere! All the same…

Helpful Blogging Tips

As a blogger who is still relateively new, I think that reaching your potential is very important. Both in content and layout, your blog is under constant scrutiny. I am thankful for the readers that I have and encourage anyone of you that may be interested in starting your own blog to:

  1. Let me know :)
  2. Check out Zelmaru’s amazing blogging tips!

A new (front!) runner

As we are very aware, Vrykerion has been keeping us all posted on the current campaigns for Warchief 2010. There is a new candidate running and most men agree it is pleasant to watch her do so! Introducing Sylvanas Windrunner for Warchief 2010!

PS. I would totally serve under Thrall in real life but I do LOVE Sylvanas!

Off-Topic/Other Game

Okay, I AM SO GULLIBLE! I admit it openly and honestly. I can’t even begin to describe to you the level that my naivety can reach sometimes. That said…is Real Life…really a game? Or…what? I mean, I play Sims but…I feel so silly. Forget I asked!

Too Embarrased…

I’m not even going to give a conclusion, just a good-bye!


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Tuesday with Tarinae 7/6

What a busy summer and what a busy month this has been. I haven’t been able to sit and play the way I would like nearly 4 weeks in a row now. Between work and wedding season, I have been on the go, making it a point to at least make time for Flame Keeper. I didn’t even get around to trying for the pet every day on Tarinae, in turn, she didn’t get it this year either. I even squeezed in one go at Halion and made myself run late for a time-dependent event, my schedule has been that tight.

With that said, I can move on to the good stuff!

Cataclysm NDA

This has been lifted as we all know and the beta is now live. I have only checked my battle net once and didn’t have an invite. I am not sure what I would even do in beta, but I did enjoy having the experience of the WotLK beta, seeing the changes and whatnot. As promised, I won’t do anything spoiler heavy here for things like lore, quests, or even zone screenshots. There are plenty of blogs that are covering in enough detail that I am even staying away from almost anything that says Cataclysm.

To those in beta, congratulations and I hope that you are having a blast.

Ruby Sanctum

Last week, I had said that no one was looking in Trade chat for the Ruby Sanctum, well that was in fact becuase it hadn’t been opened yet. This past Tuesday at approximately 6:30 EST the release was posted and the doors were open. I didn’t see anything for it in trade chat, I knew the progression guilds had plans and I even knew that some guild was trying 10:H before finishing 10 normal. Since then I have only seen the briefest discussion of it in trade chat and people asking accomplishments on twitter. It doesn’t seem to particularly intrigue people that are still fighting their way through ICC normal and/or hard modes.

First look at Halion

Guests Posts & Time Budget

I have had several amazing bloggers offer me help when I called for guests posts. I am very excited by all of them! Even at this very moment, I got off work a little early but get the chance to type this up while my boyfriend is in the shower getting ready. I am so incredibly helpful for their help and the interest shown. In the sheer interest of time, have some link love!

Link Love

Good luck in game, in life, and everything you choose to do this week! I will be seeing you soon!


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Tuesday with Tarinae 6/29

There has been a hefty buzz around the World of Warcraft this week. There are some things that are highly worth mentioning while they hold our servers hostage and hopefully attempt to deal with the 3.3.5 known issues. Let’s take a look around and see what all has been going on!

Guests Posts

As promised, I got the chance to do a guest post for Angelya over at Revive & Rejuvenate as well as some other great bloggers. Check it out!


There were multiple factors for my screenshot motivations this week. I was doing the guest post but I was also playing WoW on a 42 inch television screen with the HIGHEST graphic settings I have ever experienced. This was the most amazing thing I have even seen. The detail, the clarity, the beauty!! There were several that captured my heart, and since have been more but I thought I would share one of my favorites since it has been a while:

If it isn’t apparent, this is from Blade’s Edge Mountains where the beautiful crystals grow and the weird little hobbly-knobbly guys roam around. It is an interesting shot that took some work to get the right way, and it turned out better than I thought it would. I hope you enjoy it as well; it can be used as a 1920×1080 wallpaper.

Real ID

I think that a variety of perspectives on a subject is important. When 3.3.5 went live in the US, it brought the Real ID and a lot of bloggers have their own thoughts to share on it. Some are for it and some are not, but they put the opinion out there to be heard.

Ruby Sanctum

I am unsure if the Ruby Sanctum is experiencing any difficulties or anything, but I haven’t seen a single moment in trade chat were someone was saying LFM RS Need heals PST. I haven’t even heard it on a whisper. I am pretty disappointed with that fact; not that I have really had the chance to sit down and go if they were looking for heals, but I just thought that there would be more people jumping into it. I remember when Onyxia was turned Level 80, everyone loved it. But open a trinket heavy raid for ICC iLvl and nothing.

How is it going on other servers?

Fire Festival

There are some things you should know when trying to break into Alliance cities for this particular holiday.

  • The Darnassus flame is not located in the city, you don’t even need to cross through the portal as it is on the island outside the portal and by the bridge to the flight master/dock. If you are getting hit, it will interrupt your attempt at stealing it so you may need to be especially sneaky. It is important to note that while you DO NOT have to enter the city to steal the flame, you need to extinguish the flame of Teldrassil that is located in Dolonaar which requires a trek through the city.
  • The Exodar flame is tricky. Assuming you will come in from the front, go down the ramps and take a right into the Crystal Hall. You then have to be paying attention to maneuver the flaming braziers that are on the steps as you go up the steps to reach the flame. If you are not careful, you will end up with a gaggle of guards and possibly even dead.
  • Ironforge’s flame is located in the Hall of Explorer’s. I don’t often play Alliance, to me it seems like that place no one knows about except that it makes their journey around the city longer. However, for us Hordies, it is conveniently located to the North/Right of the Deeprun Tram, which makes our venture here a little less reckless if we come in from Stormwind.
  • Speaking of Stormwind, it couldn’t be any fruther from the Tram. This flame is lcoated in the Canals outside the entrance to the Stockades; I agree, it is a little random. The best route may be to take the ship from the Auberdine dock, enter in through the Harbor to the Canals, then keep to the back side of the Trade District to make your way to the Dwarven District for a de-flagging tram ride.

I have decided that I will not be doing a full guide to this holiday this year, I was too busy at the on-set of the holiday to have the chance. However, if you are looking for one, I would happily suggest you look at Jaedia‘s very helpful and thorough guide.

One great thing to come from all of this is the Ice Chip! I got one for what if it is on the wrong character?

An Off-Topic Musing

I have been to two weddings on back-to-back weekends. There is one thing that I can definitely say with a high degree of certainty: I will NEVER get married in June. Not because I already know a lot of people who share anniversaries that month, and it is not a bad month but it has one deal-breaking flaw: It is to damn hot. I don’t want to carry a 50lb wedding dress in 90-100 degree weather and I don’t want my groom/groomsmen dieing of heat exhaustion in penguin suits. I don’t like sweat and June is just a sweaty month!

I do understand that it is one of the most popular months for weddings so I wish all of those couples good luck and congratulations!

Also, I would like to take the time to proudly admit that in ~12 hours I will be standing in line for the midnight showing of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse and I am very excited! I also hope to be in line for The Last Air Bender on the next night but we will see how that one goes!

The End

So while I find out bad news at work that yet another Saturday is going to be ruined for me, I hope that this doesn’t detur my play time but it does in fact ruin my yard sale plans. I wish you all the best in game and hope you keep flames tamed this week!


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Tuesday with Tarinae 6/22

Well, here we are again and I sincerely hope this time the scheduling goes through. Last week was a little bit of a disaster when my Tuesday post got put on Thursday because I hadn’t been able to check it. But that is okay, that is what learning is all about. I can’t deny I was waiting for the moment my perfect streak would be screwed up! All the same, here is another round of Tuesday goodness!

Guest Post

At this moment, I am not currently offering any guest post positions but Angelya is out-of-town and has asked for people to help her out. I will be getting something her way, most likely a screenshot for her amazing gallery, but keep an eye out over there for it :)

Link Love

When you don’t get a chance to sit and blog yourself, as has been my case this past week, I think it is important to share the awesomeness that you read to keep you sane. Here is a fraction of the awesomeness from Cataclysm to funnies!

WRUP: Tarinae Edition

I really enjoy the WRUP column on and I thought I would take a minute to do my own. Being busy, I haven’t really wanted to get started into WoW, haven’t been in the mood when I can’t really devote the time I want to it. So there are some other things on the table that help me wittle away the time.

Sims 2: I have Sims 2, Nightlife, Celebrations, and Seasons expansions. I have been constructing my own house to transpose myself in game as well as raise a family I created from scratch. Tyler and Emilie Rose are family oriented with two kids and I am learning the hard way handling the lives of 2 working adults, a teenager, and a toddler is like real life…it sucks :)

D&D: I am playing in two table-top roleplaying games. One being the obvious Dungeons & Dragons campaign that I have mentioned before, but a mathemitician friend devleoped his own game; handbooks, rules, skills, system, he did it all. That one is on the table right now as well, and I love both campaigns. That is another reason I loved Mary Varn’s D&D article so well, it rings true!

A Cop-Out

Okay, I don’t really have anything profound to say this week. I don’t want to continue to ramble but I also don’t want to let you guys down. I am keeping my eyes and ears tuned for fun tidbits and I hope that I get to be able to play a little more this week; the busy-ness will dwindle down after this coming weekend.

Good luck in game and maybe I will not suck at blogging in the next 7 days :)

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Tuesday with Tarinae 6/15

I’m just gaining so much blogging XP from learning to do all this cool new stuff! I even learned cool new stuff for other games like Sims! I am on a roll! But I can’t spend my time going on about all this neato stuff that I am late to the game learning, I have to share the news, the lootz, the goodness with you!

Search Terms

I don’t often get those search terms that make me smile or throw me for a loop; I get useful tidbits searching for heirlooms, specs, mastery, etc. I have even gotten things like being called A Mage’s Tear! Nonetheless, I got one recently that has me puzzled. It could mean one thing that I have mentioned on this site but it is by no means a focus…or it could be highly inappropriate. The search term: So…does this mean:

  • Topless – We all know that I strut my topless Tar proudly!

Or…it could be…

  • Topless Star (dot) Com – to which I say…you, my friend, are barking up the wrong tree!

The Cataclysm Buzz

Recently, Blizzard released the new talent tree changes for the priests, druids, shamans, and rogues. I do not play any of these classes enough to know about their paritcular trees, but there has been the buzz over the blog world where others are speaking out on the topic”

I have been on the watch for more/any posts containing priest, shaman, or rogue information but I haven’t found any. To be honest, I don’t think I have ever seen a rogue post anywhere, ever.

Other Cataclysm news including Path of the Titans and other mechanic changes are covered by Gazimoff and Rhidach.

A Personal Note

I have something to say, and I don’t want to write a post about, it would be a rant and repetitive. So I will say it quick and I will say here, and hope I don’t scare off some of you in the process; when you are writing a blog, whether it be class specific or techniques in real life, or cooking, or any type of “guide” blog, you have to understand it is a GUIDE. To define the word guide is to say that you are giving a direction or instruction, this does NOT include absolutes because something will always be better or changing. You should never tell someone they are doing anything wrong, rather it is your job to guide them in the right direction.

I feel like I have said it before but I will say it again that what works for you may not work for the next, but what works for them WORKS.

ICC Update & Accomplishments

Okay, so my EPIC PUG that scheduled this great continuation, I mean I even watched the videos, and I got stood up! That was so sad, but I used the time productively and got the motivation to finish off my Argent Dawn reputation. I need bank space and I am almost Exalted…and the Baron Rivandare mount wouldn’t hurt either! 2 hours later:

A 3rd achievement is in the chat log: 20 Exalted Reputations!


Well, I am doing a quick wrap-up of this before a D&D game because yes, I am that geek. I will keep my eyes and ears tuned towards the Cataclysm news; I’m still waiting on other talent previews for trees I am familiar with like paladin, mage, and hunter.

I hope you all have a great week and thanks for tuning in!3

PS. OMG NERDRAGE that this didn’t post! I scheduled it and it didn’t go through. I am SO sorry. Did I mention NERDRAGE!?!?!!?!?!??!?


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